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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee for Longer with Nespresso's Envivo Lungo
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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee for Longer with Nespresso’s Envivo Lungo

Coffee lovers will recognise the word lungo, Italian for long, used to name an espresso made with twice as much water as usual and resulting in a rich and intensely flavoured coffee, that while more diluted than its tight and sip-sized cousin, manages to retain more aromas and flavours compared to a watery Americano.

It is, in other words, the ideal alternative for those who want to sip for longer, without giving up on the aromatic and flavourful power of good coffee. With this in mind, Nespresso has created a new permanent addition to their range, Envivo Lungo, which allows Nespresso machine owners to enjoy lungo on all its rich, long-lasting glory.

The intensity of Envivo Lungo is 9 on a scale from 1 to 12, making the Nespresso Grand Cru capsule the most intense from the Nespresso Lungo range. The beans are a blend of fine Arabica from India and sturdy Robusta from Mexico. The flavour profile is deep and roasty, with gingerbread, bark and toasted nuts highlighted on the palate and a background of dark caramel complementing.

Thanks to Envivo Lungo’s strength, it will be an excellent base for lattes and other coffee and milk combos, as the result will remain rich and full bodied.

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