Wagamama Launches Kaizen Concept in Ireland

Wagamama Launches Kaizen Concept in Ireland

This week, Wagamama launched Kaizen, a new concept and menu inspired in the Japanese word, which means “Good Change”, seen by the restaurant as a process of constant improvement. “Balance, harmony, openness and treating each other better” as they explain.

At Wagamama, Kaizen, means always trying to refine and improve what they do and after 18 months of researching, refining and training, now the ‘Kaizen’ concept has launched in Ireland. This includes a new service style, an omakase section of dishes, a fresh new range of sides and and even new uniforms and crockery. “It’s the same Wagamama as ever, but better, because it’s got a pinch of Kaizen in it”.

The menu remains rich in its offer of many Japanese inspired dishes. A wide array of seafood and vegetarian friendly options is complemented a tasty choice of ramen, including pork, beef and duck and classic Asian appetisers.

Drinks wise, they feature a good selection of fresh raw juices as well as beer -mostly Japanese and other Asian beers-, wines and sake.

For more information visit wagamama.ie

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