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Vibrant And Delicious – 11 Healthy Foodies to Follow on Instagram This Year

Healthy food is so vibrant these days, and not just in colour, but in flavour too. I’m a firm believer in eating with your eyes first so it’s no surprise that there are a number of great foodies that I stalk on Instagram (I mean this in the least creepy way of course).

So to kick off the new year, why not join me in stalking my own personal favourite selection of healthy foodies? You never know, they might inspire you.

The Food DNA

With a background in clinical nutrition and pharmaceutical sciences, Jelena is a self-proclaimed foodie. She combines a love and passion for cooking with the unique skill of being able to create dishes that taste great and are of a high nutritional value, making sure you eat the very best.

As one of’s regular recipe contributors, I’ve had the pleasure of salivating over so many of her perfect creations. I’ve attempted them myself but they just never look as good. This is definitely one account you need to follow in 2019.

Instagram: the_food_dna

The Flourishing Pantry

Vicky is a coach, retreat host and award-winning blogger who helps busy entrepreneurs find healthier ways to eat and live. Now, I’m no businesswoman but her blog, The Flourishing Pantry, is packed full of delicious and inspiring recipes that will make your pantry, well, flourish!

With dishes for all seasons and all moods, Vicky is a welcome addition to any Instagram feed. And it’s not just food, watching her stories and reading her blog is not a bad way to spend an evening.

Instagram: theflourishingpantry

A Matter of Nourishment

Chiara Gianelli, aka A Matter of Nourishment, is another skilled recipe creator with a background in chemistry and nutrition. A firm believer in being aware of what you eat in order to lead a healthier and happier life, Chiara’s Instagram feed will have you craving everything!

So whether it’s a salad or a few muffins, you can be assured that any recipes you’re following are going to be nutritious but also delicious. She’s definitely one to follow if you’re trying to be a little more health conscious.

Instagram: amatterofnourishment

The Tiny Vegan Kitchen

Tanya is a vegan food blogger who set up The Tiny Vegan Kitchen blog in 2015. Since then, she has expanded into hosting supper clubs and giving cooking workshops from her home in Dublin.

What I love about Tanya’s recipes is that they include vegan versions of her favourite wholesome dishes and she utilizes so many wonderful ingredients.

Instagram: thetinyvegankitchen

The Happy Pear

Can you even have a list with healthy and droolworthy Instagram photos without mentioning The Happy Pear? The answer, of course, is no. From their cafe in Greystones to products in SuperValu and a loyal social following, these lads have pretty much taken over the Irish health food scene.

David and Stephen Flynn’s first cookbook, The Happy Pear, was a number one bestseller, as is their second book, The World of the Happy Pear. The recipes are just divine and you don’t have to be a vegan to appreicate the vibrancy and taste of these fantastic recipes, which are so easy to preapre by the way.

Instagram: thehappypear

The Healthy Tart

Eva Burg is a German-born Nutrition and Health Coach and the woman behind The Healthy Tart food blog. She loves cooking with organic products, especially those that are seasonal and from local farmers.

Her recipes draw influences from all over the world and are easy to execute and focus heavily on nutrition. The past year, I was such a fan of her autumnal soup and I am determined to successfully make that cake above one of these days.

Instagram: thehealthytart

Soulful and Healthy

One of my newest favourites on Instagram, award-winning Shilpa Razniewska aka Soulful and Healthy, has a serious talent for food photography. Her photos are beautiful and have me wishing it was breakfast/dinner time all day long.

She’s said that “healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring” and with a blog like this, that is definitely true. With a cultural mix cuisine-wise, many of Shilpa’s dishes are gluten, sugar and dairy free. So it’s a major health bonus!

Instagram: soulful_and_healthy

The Little Green Spoon

Indy Power, aka The Little Green Spoon, believes that “the best kind of food is food that doesn’t just make you feel good when you’re eating it, but afterwards too”. If you eat to feel good, you’ll enjoy living a healthier lifestyle, one rich in colourful and nutritious food.

Through her Instagram account, Indy shares a number of beautiful and natural recipes which reflect her own eating habits on a day to day basis. They’re easy to prep as well!

Instagram: thelittlegreenspoon

Holly White

Author of one of last year’s wonderful cookbooks, Holly White is a Fashion Journalist and Broadcaster who is passionate about style, natural beauty and plant-based eating.

Vegan-ish is a great introduction for those considering adding a little more plants into their diet. The vibrant dishes really pop on the page and there’s a great mix of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack dishes available. Want to know more? You can read my interview with Holly here.


Natural Born Feeder

No stranger to healthy and nutritious food, bestselling author Roz Purcell should definitely be on your must-follow list if she isn’t already. Her recipes are easy to follow and very creative, not to mention visually pleasing.

My favourites are the little sinful bites of chocolate or the loaded breakfast bowls, because what’s life without a little bit of indulgence?

Instagram: naturalbornfeeder

Jennifer Oppermann

I met Jennifer Oppermann at a food photography evening in Hugh Jordan last year and she’s both talented and a lovely person. The way she sets up a shot is amazing and her passion for food is so clear.

Whether you’re after a bit of food porn or you just want to practice your camera angles, you won’t regret giving Jennifer a follow this year.

Instagram: jenniferocooks


Sarah has always had a great love of travel, food and photography. Following her journalism degree at DCU, she developed a passion for travel writing while living in Spain.

Named Best Break Out Travel Writer at the 2018 Travel Media Awards, Sarah loves exploring new places and sampling the local cuisine. Working with combines her love of food and travel.

A big people person, especially when it comes to hearing other people’s stories, Sarah loves interviewing chefs, food producers and more.

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