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Have a Very Veggie Christmas with M&S

When it comes to planning the most anticipated feast of the year, Christmas Day dinner, most of the attention is paid to the best-loved centrepieces like roast turkey and ham. So much so that options for vegetarians and vegans can often be overlooked.

Luckily for vegetable lovers, at M&S they have created a range of dishes that will make any vegetables lover’s Christmas. Nut-laden dishes make for a hearty main with plenty of texture, the roasted Butternut, Almond and Pecan Nut Roast, €10 (600g), comes with a red wine and thyme gravy. Serve it with a fresh and colourful mix of buttery, sautéed green beans and chunky slices of carrot, drizzled with a little honey and sprinkled with lemon zest.

Or, why not complement the sweet and savoury flavours of honey-roast parsnips, shallots and thyme in Parnsip, Camembert and Chestnut Pithivier, €15 (670g), with vibrant steamed greens tossed in butter and balsamic vinegar.

For a traditional-looking vegetarian centrepiece with the wow factor, try the Mushroom Wellington, €10 (610g) Golden pastry is wrapped around Portobello and white-cap mushrooms in a creamy sherry and spinach sauce. Pair it with diced squash, roasted with garlic, seasoning, sage leaves and a pinch of chilli, if you like!

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