Varadero Vibes Cocktail Recipe by Bacardí Legacy Cocktail Competition Finalist Aileen Cunningham

Aileen Cunningham

Congrats to Aileen Cunningham, bartender at The Front Door Pub Galway, who is the first person in Galway and one of only three bartenders in Ireland to reach the final stages of the prestigious BACARDÍ® Legacy Cocktail Competition, with her creation ‘Varadero Vibes’!

Aileen’s cocktail creation ‘Varadero Vibes’ is a taste of that holiday buzz we all love. Combining Bacardi Cuatro, fresh watermelon juice, lime, agave, mezcal, black pepper and garnished with a slice of watermelon and zest of lime, it’s now available to order in The Front Door Pub.

The next round of the BACARDÍ® Legacy Cocktail Competition takes place in Dublin, on Monday 18th February and if successful Aileen will go on to represent Ireland in the global leg of the competition.

The greatest thing about Varadero Vibes is that it’s so easy to make at home for family or friends!


– 50ml Bacardi cuatro
– 50ml watermelon juice
– 15ml lime
– 10ml agave
– 3 dashes mezcal
– 4 twists black pepper


1. Then shake well and fine strain over ice into a tall slim glass
2. Garnish with a watermelon slice and lime zest

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