One US State Has Made the Sale of Kerrygold Butter Illegal

Kerry Gold

Kerry is famous for many things, with world renowned scenery and Ireland’s tallest mountain springing to mind immediately. In the food world, one product has taken Kerry global and helped promote the fact that Irish butter reigns supreme in the international arena – Kerrygold. The famous grass-fed butter has taken the US by storm, developing a cult-like following across the states.

However, Wisconsin has sparked outrage by enforcing a ban on the beloved butter, which Ornua North America sells in all 50 states. As the USA’s primary dairy producing state, Wisconsin is home to a 47 year old protectionist law which states that all butter sold in the state must be graded in Wisconsin or USDA approved. As Kerrygold is produced, packaged and graded in Ireland, it falls foul of this requirement.

kerry gold

While the legislation was enacted in the 1970’s, it has not been strictly enforced in recent years but a new blanket ban ordered by local authorities has revived the provision. Social media has erupted with the news of Kerrygold’s ban, as store shelves are stripped of the golden bars of buttery goodness.

Retailers stocking the now outlawed butter face a fine of up to $1000 or a possible six month jail sentence. Devoted Kerrygold fans affected by the ban have been crossing state lines and stocking up to ensure they can get their fix. If nothing else, the ban and resulting uproar should serve as a reminder of how amazing Irish dairy produce really is!

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