Up the Dubs! Brewery Releases Limited Edition Beer for the All Ireland Final

Up the Dubs! Brewery Releases Limited Edition Beer for the All Ireland Final

As excitement reaches fever pitch ahead of the impending clash between Dublin and Mayo, proud Dubliner The 5 Lamps Brewery has just launched the perfect beer to drink during the All Ireland final, well, at least if you root for the Dubs. Up the Dubs! is an apricot infused wheat beer brewed with a “luminescent golden tone allowing you to truly see the blends and malts” the brewers have united in this seasonal creation.

The beer is available at several Dublin bars and pubs including Lemon & Duke, Harry Byrnes, The Back Page, Gibneys of Malahide, The Bernard Shaw, Pipers Corner, Buskers Bar, Parnells GAA and more. Up The Dubs! is also available in 330ml bottles at selected off-licenses around the capital.

The bottle is dressed with the team’s colours and the beer itself is described as “aromatic and fruitful on the nostrils but with an accentuating sweetness on the palate.”

As it’s typical of the classic German wheat beers which inspired Up The Dubs! it has a golden hue and an aroma full of complex malt notes and fruity esters such as apricot, banana and a hint of clove. It’s balanced by the gentle rounded bitterness of the wheat, in keeping with the brewing traditions of the Hallerthau region in Munich.

The 5 Lamps Brewery opened in 2012 and their first home was located in Dublin’s North Strand, by the iconic Five Lamps which inspired the brewery’s name.

Since 2013, they brew in the heart of The Liberties in Dublin 8 and have developed a range of beers including their initial 5 Lamps Dublin Lager, a Liberties Pale Ale, Monto Red Ale and their Blackpitts Porter and Stout.

With the All Ireland Final just around the corner, and hoping that Dublin will remain champions for a third successive year, Up The Dubs! is the perfect beverage for Dublin fans to sup as they discuss the players, so grab your bottle of in time to watch the Dublin vs Mayo match this Sunday 17th of September.

More information: the5lampsbrewery.com


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