Unique Sanuki Wagyu Beef Served for First Time in Ireland at Amuse

Sanuki Wagyu Ribeye

Amuse, the awarding winning, fine dining restaurant on Dublin’s Dawson Street has sourced a limited quantity of rib eye of ‘Sanuki Wagyu’, offering diners a unique opportunity to taste this very exclusive delicacy, never before served in Ireland.

Japan’s Kagawa prefecture, formerly known as Sanuki, is famed for its olive production. In 2006 a local breeder of the Kuroge Washu breed of cattle was inspired to introduce dried olive pulp into their feed, with remarkable results. Sanuki Wagyu is now prized for its pale red meat, substantial marbling and pristine white silky fat. The natural oleic acid found in olives delivers surprisingly light sweet meat with a soft buttery texture.

This little known, but absolutely stunning Wagyu, is the very best you can enjoy“, said Chef Conor Dempsey. “We regularly feature Wagyu, but this is another level again. Our regular diners request to be informed when Wagyu is going back on the menu, and I’m very excited to offer them this exclusive delicacy. The rib eye is the best cut, so of course that’s what we’ve ordered!

The Sanuki Wagyu will be offered as a supplement (€35) to Amuse’s signature tasting lunch, dinner and ‘Paris to Tokoyo’ menus. The four course Amuse Tasting Lunch is priced €40 with matched wines at €25. The five course Amuse Tasting Dinner is priced €65 with matched wines at €40. The hugely popular ‘Paris to Tokoyo’ menu is €90 for ten courses, with matched wines for €70.

Since opening in November 2014, Amuse under Chef Patron Conor Dempsey, quickly gained a reputation for its French Asian fusion style, best experienced as a Tasting Menu. Conor’s food creates a unique synergy between French techniques and format and the distinctive palette of Japanese flavours, sensations and textures.

For enquiries, or to reserve a table telephone 01 639 4889 or email info@amuse.ie. Sample menus can be viewed at www.amuse.ie.

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