Unexpected Winners at the 2016 Decanter World Wine Awards

Unexpected Winners at the 2016 Decanter World Wine Awards

This year the Decanter World Wine Awards, which results were announced on June 14 on the specialised magazine’s website, brought some fresh air to the list of frequent winners.

Chile might not be an unheard name, but a $6 Chilean Malbec available in Asda (British supermarket subsidiary of American retail giant Wal-Mart) made headlines after it was awarded with a Platinum – Best In Show as the Best Single-Varietal Under £15. Sales of the wine, named La Moneda Reserva Malbec, skyrocketed immediately after.

Croatia and Switzerland were also unexpected names on the winners’ map: A Croatian red called Veralda 2015 received the Platinum – Best In Show for Best Red Single-Varietal Over £15, and Swiss white Diego Mathier Réserve, Nouveau Salquenen Ag, Adrian & Diego Mathier 2014 received the same accolade in the Best White Blend Over £15 category.

Brazil and Bolivia were two South American surprises, the fist one earning one gold and two platinum medals, all in the over £15 tier and the second obtaining a platinum with a Tannat Malbec blend.

China’s Vidal based sweet wine came home with platinum as well and so did another sweet wine from the Czech Republic made from Riesling. The same grape and same country took another platinum thanks to still wine Zamecké Vinarstvi Bzenec’s 2011.

Turkey also got his piece of platinum with a Nero d’Tavola and Japanese winery Grace also took home two medals of the same material, one for an Extra Brut sparkling and the other for a still white wine.

A total of 130 platinum medals were awarded so even if this winners are just a small fraction of the top group, it shows that technology and know-how are spreading across new terroirs.

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