No Scuba Gear Required – Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant to Open in Norway

The underwater restaurant trend is continuing to increase, with unique dining experiences available in Dubai, the Maldives and Florida.

Norway is now set to join this exclusive list, with an underwater restaurant set to open in a village on the country’s southern coast in February 2018.

Resembling both a periscope and a sunken ship, the unique concrete design will appear to be half-submerged in the sea.

The project’s lead architect, Rune Grasdal, spoke to CNN about the restaurant, saying: “It should be an exciting experience, but people should also feel secure and well sitting down there.”

The restaurant, which will accommodate up to 100 people, will emphasise local cuisine and guests will be amazed by the views of the seabed and marine life through the huge panoramic window.

Guests will descend three levels through a submerged wardrobe area, a champagne bar and then finally the restaurant itself. The name, Under, is a play on words – in Norwegian, “under” can also mean “wonder”.

We don’t know about you, but we’ll be making a reservation as soon as possible!

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