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Not a One Trick Pony – Great Food and Coffee at Two Pups Coffee

A few steps from the iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral you’ll find Two Pups Coffee. Located on Francis Street, just off Cork Street, this coffee house serves a killer mix of delicious food and divine coffee.

Two Pups is a member of the Francis Street Collective, and the place buzzes with great energy. From an epic graffiti piece by FINK to lively tunes to vintage chandeliers, the creative spirit of Dublin’s Liberties neighbourhood can be found in every nook and cranny.

Almost ethereally bright, the space feels summery year-round. Light is reflected by the white rustic furniture and walls, picking out hues of gold and brown dotted around the cafe.

Two-Pups-Coffee The original layout has changed significantly since my first visit, expanding across two more rooms – one of which hosts an open kitchen. Jars of spices are neatly lined up on the shelf, just above a pile of cookbooks. An irresistible mix of aromas drifts through the air, promising delicacies to come.

To kick off, I looked for a cup of joe. On the menu were 3FE and Red Brick from Square Mile. I stuck with the Red Brick 50/50 blend of Ethiopian and Guatemalan beans, which produced hints of apricot, hazelnut and caramel. The coffee was nice, slightly tangy in flavour, probably due to the fruity undertones.

There are two key elements to Two Pups’ cuisine: colour and flavour. Although simple, each of Two Pups’ offerings teases and tantalises with texture, taste and appealing presentation.


My Avocado on Toast was a great example of that, full of vibrancy. The bright purple of pickled onion went well with green chilli, avocado slices and coarsely chopped parsley. The whole mix rested on a thick slice of Le Levain sourdough bread, lightly toasted and spread with peanut butter, with a sprinkling of peanuts providing just the right finishing touch. The toast turned out to be refreshing, light yet filling.


Next stop was a generous Chilli Bean Bowl with Chorizo. With three types of beans and a hearty dose of spice, this dish was all about heat. The hotness, however, was nicely tamed with big mushrooms, chunky avocado, yoghurt and a silky fried egg. This killer blend pampered my stomach and put the roses into my cheeks. Highly recommended for anyone who likes a bit of a kick.


Two Pups is a Dublin 8 gem which should be revisited regularly. With their tasty coffee and finger-licking food, you can rest assured you are in for a treat.

Two Pups,
74 Francis St
Dublin 8



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