Tuna Tar Tar Recipe by Chef Stuart Heeney at Clontarf Castle

Tuna Tar Tar Recipe

This Tuna Tar Tar Recipe with Bloody Mary Jelly and Confit Egg Yolk was created by Chef Stuart Heeney at Clontarf Castle.

Serves four

Bloody Mary jelly
400ml tomato juice
40 ml vodka
4 dashes of tabasco
Pinch of celery salt
4 dashes of Worcestershire sauce
4 gelatin leaf

Confit egg yolk
4 eggs
Olive oil

Avocado mousse
2 a ripe avocado
120g cream cheese
80g crème fraiche
Lime juice

Tart tar
400g fresh tuna loin
4 small shallot finely diced
4 small cornichon finely diced
Dijon mustard
Lemon juice
4 tsp Chopped chives
4 tsp Chopped parsley
Sea salt


Bloody Mary jelly
1. Start by making the bloody Mary jelly, soak the gelatin leaf in some cold water and set aside, heat the rest of the ingredients in a pan until warm and totally combined.
2. Squeeze out the gelatin leaf, add to the warm tomato mixture, and pour into a tray or dish that will let you cut it into small squares when it is cooled.

Confit egg yolk
1. Confit the egg by preheating your oven to 85 degrees celsius using a small cup that is ovenproof.
2. Fill it ¾ way with olive oil, then gently separate the egg yolk from the white and place it into the cup making sure that the egg yolk is fully submerged in the oil and cook at 85 degrees celsius for 12 minutes, when its ready take the cup out and let it cool down completely.

Avocado mousse
1. Make the avocado mousse by placing all the ingredients in a food processor and blitz until it is smooth add lime juice and salt to taste, place in a small piping bag or squeeze bottle until ready to serve.

Tart tar
1. Dice the tuna into small dice and place in a bowl, add your shallot, cornichons and herbs and mix well. Add your Dijon mustard, lemon juice, salt to taste.

To serve
1. Place your tuna in a ring mold that will be in the center of your serving dish /plate and gently compress it in the mold.
2. Then gently lift the ring mold off the plate leaving you with a circle of tuna on the plate.
3. Gently make a little indent in the middle to hold the egg yolk, carefully remove the egg yolk from the oil making sure you do not break it, and place it in the center of the tuna.
4. Place 5 nice squares of jelly around the outside of the tuna , then pipe 5 dot of the avocado puree in between each jelly piece to garnish we use edible flowers, mini celery cress and mini coriander cress.

Tuna Tar Tar Recipe 1


Stuart Heeney is a Dublin native and started his culinary career in the Michelin Star, Chapter One where he trained under Ross Lewis. He studied at the School of Hospitality Management and Tourism, Cathal Brugha Street, which has been synonymous with the hospitality and catering industry in Ireland since 1941.

Stuarts food philosophy is simple, local produce and sourcing lies at the heart of the menus, simple ingredients cooked with flair and imagination presented with finesse.

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