Try a Very Special Tuna at Amuse

It’s Blue Fin Tuna season in Ireland. When very limited numbers of this much sought-after fish become available to the country’s top chefs and retailers. At Amuse on Dublin’s Dawson Street, Chef Conor Dempsey, known for his skill with rare and unusual ingredients and techniques, has opted to serve only the Blue Fin Tuna belly – the most sought after part of the fish.

However, to try this fish at its best, book Amuse from next week (from 16th September), when Conor will be serving up Top Loin of ‘Super Frozen’ Yellow Fin Tuna, an Asian speciality, for a limited time. Whereas Blue Fin Tuna is caught up with other fish, the ‘Super Frozen’ Yellow Fin Tuna is line caught in the central Pacific Ocean, before being processed and frozen to -60 degrees. Ensuring perfectly fresh fish once defrosted. Although up to 80% of Yellow Fin Tuna is now sold this way through the markets in Tokyo, it’s the first time it has been available in Ireland.

Since opening in November 2014, Amuse under Chef Patron Conor Dempsey, quickly gained a reputation for its French Asian fusion style, best experienced as a Tasting Menu. Conor’s food remains French in its technique and format but introduces the subtlety and restraint associated with Japanese cuisine.

For enquiries or to reserve a table telephone 01 639 4889 or email 

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