Trufflesecco: New London Bar Dedicated to Both Italian Pleasures
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Trufflesecco: New London Bar Dedicated to Both Italian Pleasures

Trufflesecco is a portmanteau for Truffles and Prosecco, and it’s also the name of Candem Town’s newly opened specialist ingredient dedicated bar. The place’s philosophy is expressed on their vintage-inspired website: “celebrate everyday life in style with a glass of bubbles and a bite of truffles”.

This is not the first ultra specific foodie spot in London, and it enters the eclectic list that features names such as Sackville’s in Mayfair, where seasonal truffles and premium meats are served among cocktails, Bubbledogs, which specialises in the unexpected pairing of high-end hotdogs and Champagne and Champagne+Fromage, ideal for a fix of fizz and cheese.

Two London-based Russian sisters –Irina and Svetlana Bondar– are to thank for the opening of the 24 cover site at 11 Candem High Street. With their inspiration being Florence’s traditional cafe-bars, it makes sense for the menu to be heavily Italian but they take things further as all their main ingredients such as cheese, charcuterie and of course the truffles are imported from top Italian suppliers.

Drinks wise, they offer seven different types of Prosecco plus a Prosecco-based cocktail selection in which the sweet Bellini is one of the favourites.

Some of the available dishes in Trufflesecco are black truffles with burrata cheese, truffled cheese crostini with melted mozzarella, truffle oil and pistachio and pastry fried with truffle.

Customers can also buy truffle-based products to take home such as oils and spreads, as well as Prosecco and some other Italian wine options.

For more information on Trufflesecco, visit their Facebook page

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