Trish Deseine Launches New Home Cook Book in OX Cave, Belfast

Trish Deseine launch

Guests gathered on Monday evening at OX Cave in Belfast to join cookbook author and food writer Trish Deseine for the launch of her new book, Home: Recipes from Ireland, a love letter to Irish food, recipes, ingredients and chefs.

Guests included Derek Creagh of Harry’s Shack, Robbie Krawczyk of Tankardstown House, Galway’s leading lady, Jess Murphy of Kai, Graham Neville of Dublin’s Restaurant FortyOne and Michelin-starred Stevie Toman of Ox, all of whom feature in Home with their recipes, philosophies and approaches adding rich seams of interest to this important book.

The guests, including many of the fine artisan food producers who also feature strongly in Home, were treated to a delicious range of fine cheese paired with accompanying wines carefully selected by restaurant owner and sommelier Alain Kerloc’h. Alain described Trish as a fabulous ambassador abroad on behalf of Irish chefs and producers, and a tireless supporter at home.

Trish herself has described “pinching herself” occasionally as she has gotten so much pleasure from her work over the past years, and this book has been her most enjoyable experience to date.

Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Trish Deseine moved to Paris in the 80s and has lived in France for the past 25 years. Preparing her new book, Home: Recipes from Ireland, Trish spent six months travelling, cooking and eating in Ireland, meeting amazing chefs and local producers as she rediscovered and researched her homeland and its food.

In Home, Trish shines a new light on Ireland’s rich food heritage and traditions, an approach that also fits neatly with a new 3-part BBC NI TV show she recently filmed which will be screened this November – a series on eating local and celebrating Northern Ireland’s ‘food revolution’, called Trish Deseine’s Doorstep Food.

As she said at the launch on Monday, the experience of putting Home together has really brought it ‘home’ to her that there’s no place like home.

Home: Recipes from Ireland is available from Hachette Cuisine in English and French.

Photo Gallery from the Launch

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