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Trevis Gleason
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Trevis Gleason’s Award Winning Book ‘Chef Interrupted’ Hits Irish Bookstores

Trevis Gleason’s book ‘Chef Interrupted – Discovering Life’s Second Course in Ireland with Multiple Sclerosis‘ was published in Ireland today, giving Irish audiences the opportunity to buy this warm insight into the gritty truth of living with MS, with delicious yet simple recipes included, in local bookstores.

The publication comes after the US edition won a Gourmand Prestige Award at 2015 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

In a moving memoir, Gleason reveals the challenges and joys of living with a disease in an Irish town. He surmounts physical setbacks and cultural differences, and serves up life’s lessons alongside his favourite recipes, one tasty chapter after another.

Trevis Gleason’s career as a chef was taking off, teaching at institutions such as Cornell University and California Culinary Academy when it took an unexpected turn.

In April 2001 he suffered a stroke-like episode and was diagnosed with incurable multiple sclerosis. He lost everything – his job, his marriage, even his perceived persona.

Gleason said, “What I’ve come to realise is multiple sclerosis doesn’t steal away our futures; it steals what we thought and expected to await us in our futures. So, as I looked at my “ruined” life after my diagnosis, I saw an opportunity to fulfil a long-postponed dream: I put life in Seattle on hold and moved to west Kerry.”

After renting a cottage in ‘The Town’ Trevis braved sheep-obstructed roads and began tapping into a profound passion for food. He came to the realization his life was just on hold and his life, loves and even dreams weren’t lost – just waiting to be rediscovered.

He runs the award winning blog, ‘Living With MS’, a widely read and respected blog (over 9,000 Facebook followers). He is also an active contributor to, MSUK and the National MS Society (US). Trevis is also on the editorial board of MS Ireland.

Chef Interrupted is available to purchase at or in all good bookstores, priced at €12.99/£10.99. 

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