Transform Your Place Into Casa Bacardi For A Night

Transform Your Place Into Casa Bacardi For A Night

During the roaring twenties, Gatsby’s Mansion had a real life counterpart in a more tropical setting: Casa Bacardí, where thousands of guests were invited for legendary weekend long parties in Cuba. History saw the move of Bacardí to Puerto Rico, and the family had to start again during the sixties, but instead of closing their doors they brought Casa Bacardí to a whole new level.

Whether at the fabulous visitor centre they set up in Cataño, Puerto Rico, or at a pop up Casa like the one they will open at Electric Picnic 2016, the hospitality and fun-loving spirit of almost one century ago is taken up to eleven and serves as inspiration for anyone wishing to host an unforgettable fiesta.

Turn your house into Casa Bacardí for a night and throw a party that your friends will remember not just because how good the food or the drinks were, but for how welcomed and appreciated they felt. Begin with choosing the right tunes: we came up with this playlist with a selection of tracks from the line-up that will keep Casa Bacardí at Electric Picnic 2016 dancing all night.

Decorate by giving a summery style to your surroundings, let colour in and swap the flowers for tropical fruits and fresh mint (you’ll use it later!). Make sure to leave some room in the house for dancing as well.
And as you want your guests to feel at home but you also want to enjoy their company, prep in advance and set up a table with everything you’ll need to mix drinks during the evening.
First of all, print a Cocktail Menu with the name of the drinks and the ingredients, and place it on the table. Two of the world’s most popular rum cocktails, Cuba Libre and Mojito, are extremely easy to make and mixing them together will even be part of the fun. Feel free to download and print the recipe cards below or make your own.
Transform Your Place Into Casa Bacardi For A Night
Transform Your Place Into Casa Bacardi For A Night
Besides having enough ingredients at hand for all your guests, don’t forget to get plenty of ice, a cocktail making set and glasses (glass or plastic, ideally go for transparent so everyone can see their creations). If you want to go the extra mile, make mint ice for the mojitos or lime peel ice for the Cuba Libres by freezing it in advance with mint leaves or lime peel respectively.
As for the food, keep it light and easy to hold with one hand. Some recipes that will work perfectly are Za’atar Salmon Skewers and char grilled jumbo shrimp recipe, you can also make shots of super refreshing gazpacho or serve mini avocado on toast (sprinkle with sea salt and a drop of fresh lime juice).
For dessert, you can simple go for a delicious and mouth-watering tray of fruits and keep some ice cream close by to go with it, but if you want to surprise everyone with something really special, check out this recipe for the ultimate Pina Colada Dessert.



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