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Tournafulla Black Pudding and Gubbeen Chorizo Stack from The Merry Ploughboy – #DubPubDishes

Anyone who has had the opportunity to eat out in Dublin pubs over the last couple of years will see just how much the quality of food on offer has grown. There are now dishes available in Dublin pubs which are as delicious and as beautifully prepared as any meal on offer in the city. Dublin pubs are using the highest quality ingredients to produce vibrant dishes to reflect the palate of modern Dublin. In this series the Licensed Vintners Association is sharing a small selection of these amazing meals. Just a taster of the great food you can find in pubs throughout Dublin. #DubPubDishes


About the dish

Pan seared Tournafulla black pudding with smoked Gubbeen chorizo, toasted pine nuts and apple batons, bound in a honey and mustard dressing, topped with a crispy hen’s egg. A tasty dish,which can be served as a starter or a light main course, featuring fresh Irish artisan ingredients, including the famous Tournafulla black pudding from County Limerick and wonderful Gubbeen chorizo from County Cork.


Serves: 1




Pudding and chorizo stack

200g Tournafulla black pudding

30g Gubbeen chorizo

Half apple cut into batons

Two cherry tomatoes

20g Pine nuts

Honey and mustard dressing (details for how to make the dressing below)


Crispy hen’s egg

One Egg

100g Flour

Egg wash –Splash of milk and one egg

100g Breadcrumbs


Honey and mustard dressing

One teaspoon wholegrain mustard

One teaspoon English mustard

Three teaspoons of honey

Whisk slowly, add half cup of rapeseed oil until combined


Cooking method


Crispy hen’s egg

  • Poach a medium sized egg for six minutes in a pot of simmering water with a touch of vinegar. 
  • Remove and place in an ice bath to stop the cooking process. 
    • Cover cooled egg in flour carefully and shake off any excess flour. 
    • Dip into an egg wash and place in the breadcrumbs. 
    • Place back in the egg wash and again into the breadcrumbs. 
    • Do not deep-fry until the dish is ready.

    Pudding and chorizo stack

    • Dice the black pudding and chorizo into 2cm cubes and dice the apple batons into 1cm lengths. 
    • Toast the pine nuts in a dry pan until golden. 
    • Add some rapeseed oil, the black pudding and chorizo and fry gently for three minutes. 
    • Add apple batons and cherry tomatoes and cook together until tomatoes are soft. 
    • Add a splash of the honey and mustard  dressing to combine all the ingredients. 
    • Form into a stack shape using a moulding ring.

    Assemble the dish

    • Drop the poached egg in a fryer for one minute. 
    • Place on top of the black pudding and chorizo stack. 
    • Garnish with a sprig of thyme and fresh rocket.


    The Merry Ploughboy

    Owned and run by traditional Irish musicians, “The Merry Ploughboys”, the 200 year old Dublin Mountains’ pub has been taken to new heights of international fame with its all year round traditional Irish night dinner & show – winning numerous awards such as the CIE Tours “Best Traditional Irish night” over 8 years in a row, including in 2019.  The pub is highly regarded for its quality pub food with varied lunch, evening and weekend menus and there are always seasonal daily specials on offer from head chef Darragh McAdam and his talented team.

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