Irish Tourism Site Named Among World’s Best in New List

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Only four European Tourist Sites have been named in a list of the 25 best tourist board websites in the world.

The only Irish entry, Limerick City & County Council’s site, was mentioned in the 2017 list published by US-based travel media site, Skift.

Describing why they chose Limerick’s tourist site, Skift commented: “We like how Limerick, Ireland draws attention to the different reasons why people travel to Limerick whether it’s for school, leisure or business.

It also gives you a sense of what it’s like to live in the city and has helpful resources for locals to understand why they should be involved in the city’s tourism industry.”

The other European tourist sites named are Vienna, Geneva Tourism and Visit the Faroe Islands.

When compiling this tourism board list, Skift emphasised “user-generated content from platforms like Instagram and doubling down on video to make destinations seem more real rather than a part of a traveler’s imagination”.

They also focused on sites with the best overall user experience, particularly on mobile, and how the site attracted visitors.

Wanting to represent every region and include a mix of city, regional and national tourism boards, Skift didn’t consider any tourist board that made last year’s list, with the exception of Destination Canada because “it’s not easy to market a country as large as Canada”.

The Top 25 Tourism Board Websites in the world, listed in no particular order

North America

  • Visit Detroit
  • Visit Idaho
  • Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
  • Visit New Hampshire
  • Discover The Palm Beaches
  • Visit Florida
  • Bermuda Tourism Authority
  • Destination Canada
  • Tourisme Montreal
  • Visit Greenland

Latin America

  • Ecuador Travel
  • Visit Panama
  • Puerto Rico Tourism Compnay


  • Visit The Faroe Islands
  • Geneva Tourism
  • Visit Limerick
  • Vienna Tourist Board


  • Tourism Fiji
  • Visit Korea
  • Tourism New Zealand
  • Tourism Western Australia

Middle East

  • Visit Abu Dhabi
  • Oman Tourism


  • Cape Town Tourism
  • Tanzania Tourism

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