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Torched Fresh Mackerel Recipe By Chef Peter Byrne At Hugo’s Restaurant
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Torched Fresh Mackerel Recipe By Chef Peter Byrne At Hugo’s Restaurant

Torched Fresh Mackerel, Pickled Kohlrabi, Cuinneog Natural Buttermilk & Dill Oil Recipe by Peter Byrne At Hugo’s Restaurant. This beautiful and fresh mackerel recipe, has all the perfectly balanced flavours of seafood, citrus, dill, pickles and buttermilk, on a very clean and refined dish. A subtle confidence in all great Irish quality ingredients by Chef Peter Byrne.

Serves 4

4 Mackerel Fillets – Pinboned
200ml Cuinneog buttermilk
100g Sugar
100g Salt
1 Lime or Lemon Zest

Dill Oil
200g Fresh Dill
150ml Vegetable oil

 Pickled Kohlrabi
1 Kohlrabi
75ml White wine vinegar
100ml White Wine
7g Salt
50g Sugar
10 Coriander Seeds

Dill Oil
1. For the dill oil, bring the oil to 80 degrees. Blanch the dill in salted water for 30 seconds and refresh in cold water. Squeeze the dill until completely dry. Add to the oil and blitz for 7 minutes in a
blender. Gently strain, do NOT push through the sieve.
1. Bring the vinegar, white wine, salt, sugar and coriander seeds to a boil. Peel the kohlrabi and slice very fine with a mandolin and leave in the pickle for at least 1 day.
1. Mix the salt, sugar and lime/lemon zest together and cover the mackerel fillet for 1 hour. Wash under cold water and pat dry.
2. Torch the mackerel skin or cook under your grill until the skin has blistered.
1. For plating, put some buttermilk around the plate and then place the mackerel on. Arrange some
slices of pickled kohlrabi around the mackerel and drizzle with the dill oil. Finish with some leaves
of dill.

Torched Fresh Mackerel Recipe By Chef Peter Byrne At Hugo’s Restaurant


Torched Fresh Mackerel Recipe By Peter Byrne At Hugo’s RestaurantPeter Byrne, head chef at Hugo’s Restaurant; has an excellent culinary record having spent six years as Chef de Cuisine in Sika restaurant located in Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa and almost 8 years working at Michelin Star Chapter One, where he spent the last four years as Ross Lewis’ senior sous chef, winner of the Euro-toque Young Chef of the Year in 2005, Peter’s experience with Euro-toque, Ireland’s premiere culinary competition, was a great stepping stone into the world of real culinary arts and where he demonstrates his creativity, flair and a passion for using and showcasing Ireland’s finest artisan producers. A cool, calm & collected leader in a hot kitchen, strongly believes in using locally sourced organic produce, seasonal ingredients and building relationships with farmers who are zealous about their produce.

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