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Top Picks from Lidl's Limited Edition Italian Wines Summer Range
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Top Picks from Lidl’s Limited Edition Italian Wines Summer Range

From the 13th of June and only while stocks last, Lidl will be featuring a special summer offer of Italian wines that compliment their Italiamo range of foods. Master of Wine Richard Bampfield vouches for the quality of a selection that we had the opportunity to try in advance and that will surely fly off the shelves.

The preview showed 18 wines (10 reds, 6 whites and 2 rosés) with only 5 bottles above €10 (one of them being a magnum -1,5cl- bottle and another being a Sparkling wine). Quality was overall good, but the following five bottles were our top picks…


Top Picks from Lidl's Limited Edition Italian Wines Summer RangeGavioli Spumante

9.5% ABV – €12.99

A lively sparkling made with the Metodo Classico (Méthode Traditionelle a.k.a. the “one for Champagne”), it’s flowery bottle hints to its nectary blend of jasmine and elderflower with a wedge of lime.

Very active bubbles make it refreshing and fun, a good welcome drink, aperitif or toasting wine (especially if the toast only involves glasses for two).


Top Picks from Lidl's Limited Edition Italian Wines Summer RangeSoave Classico DOC 2015

12% ABV – €9.99

As pale and dry as hay after a long summer, this northeastern Italian comes from the Veneto, where the hillside vineyards are alive but the high percentage of limestone on their soils give grapes a tough upbringing. The discipline pays back in this one, as it’s discreet and earnest, with a friendly elegance that will make him appreciated at any dinner party.

Mineral notes and melon aromas make one’s mouth water as its light body effortlessly runs on the palate, carrying green fruits with it as it goes.


Top Picks from Lidl's Limited Edition Italian Wines Summer RangeChianti Classico Riserva DOCG 2011

12% ABV – €9.99

Ruby and translucent, aromatic and generous, this typical vino is smooth and filled with ripe berries. The tannins are mild but present, and the flavour lingers on the palate for a little while.

Lovely paired to a pizza or to a rich plate of pasta bolognese, or simply by itself, so you can enjoy it in all its easy-drinkingness.



Top Picks from Lidl's Limited Edition Italian Wines Summer RangeValpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso DOC 2012

13.5% ABV – €9.99

Ripasso is closely related to Amarone, the big brother in the Valpolicella family. Skins from pressed grapes used for Amarone are used to infuse Ripasso with strength (and since they are “re-passed”, the name Ripasso made sense). The grapes used are partially dried and therefore they have a higher sugar concentration.

Deep garnet coloured and with a sweet attack, this wine has a mixture of nutty aromas, ripe plums and cooked black fruits. While some followers of the dry side will find it a bit too syrupy, give this charming Italiano a chance and you might fall for it.


Top Picks from Lidl's Limited Edition Italian Wines Summer RangeBarbaresco DOCG 2013

13.5% ABV – €12,99

Nebiolo is he grape, Piedmont the region. Barbaresco -which conveniently rhymes with al fresco– is the mysterious quiet one that will reveal itself if given a bit of time.

Clear rosewood tones and an intriguing bittersweetness foresee a floral character in which some of the petals are long dried but this somehow enhances the beauty of the arrangement. The tannins are elegant and so is its body, which despite having a good amount of alcohol still feels light thanks to a well achieved balance.



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