The Top Five Cookware Buys for a Cooks Kitchen

When it comes to furnishing a kitchen, cabinet doors and electrical appliances are usually what we consider the most important purchases, but the equipment we use to create those culinary masterpieces needs some consideration also.  We have rounded up the top five buys that will ensure you are equipped to whip up a creation worthy of Master chef, whatever your budget. 


Best Saucepan Set

Tefal Ingenio Stainless Steel Pots and Pan Set

This 13 piece set is a great investment for any kitchen. With removable handles, they are oven safe, compatible with all hobs and most importantly, dishwasher safe. For those short on space, they pots and pans are stackable and they have a titanium base that will go the distance. The set includes three saucepans with lids, two frying pans with lids and removable handles, making transferring from hob to oven a breeze. This is not the cheapest set on the market but it is incredible value for money when you consider the versatility and quality.

Available on from £149 stg



Best Cast Iron Cookware

Lodge 2.84l Cast Iron Combo Cooker

For years, the Le Creuset brand has been synonymous with cast iron cookware, and it’s a well-earned accolade. While still a huge fan of the Le Creuset range, this set from American Foundry, Lodge, offers excellent value for money. The set comes pre seasoned saving you precious cooking time and the two piece set can be used individually or used together with the shallower pan acting as a lid for the deeper pan. The set can be used on all cooking surfaces including barbeques and campfires…..should you feel the urge. It’s not exactly cheap, but compared to other brands it offers stellar value.

Available from €123.54



Best Bakeware

Master Class Smart Space Non-Stick Carbon Steel Stackable Bakeware and Roasting Set

Similar to our first item, this is a great starter set comprising of all the basics to get you on your GBBO baking journey. The set comprises of seven individual pieces including a roasting pan, square cake tin, loaf tin, muffin tin, two baking trays and a cooling rack, all presented in a gift box. All you will need along with this set is the ability to channel your inner Domestic Goddess (or God) and dust off those baking books.

Available from £29.69, reduced from £49.99.



Best Stovetop Griddle Pan

Vogue Reversible Cast Iron Double Griddle Pan

If a charred sear on your steak is important to you then this is a good buy for your kitchen. The Vogue Griddle Pan has two usable sides, one ribbed for meats and steak, one flat for eggs and pancakes etc. It is a reasonably priced for such a heavy duty piece of kitchen equipment and can also be used on a barbeque.

Available from €32.99 plus VAT.



Best Stovetop Steamer

Judge Multi Insert Steamer with Lid



In the event that you should get tired of sautéing, griddling, boiling of frying, a good quality steamer is a godsend in any kitchen. Steaming is a manner of cooking that suits most vegetables and fish, and steamed spuds really are a thing of beauty. The Judge Steamer is made from stainless steel and has vented glass lid. It fits any size pan from 16 – 20cm. It’s basic, but it does the job more than adequately.
Available from €23.


FEATURE BY: Ciara  McQuillan

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