‘Tom Kah Booze’ Recipe by Diep le Shaker

Diep le Shaker has a new cocktail menu created by manager Cian Lynch who is consistently experimental with his fusion of alcohol and ingredients from Diep’s Thai kitchen. New cocktails include – Rhubarbie Girl, Pink Moon, Paloma Valentina and many more…

Cian has included a rather unique recipe, a creation inspired by the classic Thai soup Tom Kah Gai. Replacing the chicken with egg and the rest with booze, we’ve crafted this cocktail inspired by one of Diep’s most popular dishes.

1 fresh egg white
30ml Havana 3 year old
20ml Ginger liqueur
10ml Coconut schnapps
15ml Kaffir Syrup (see below)
25ml ml fresh lime juice
1 dash hellfire bitters

1. Chill a high ball with ice.
2. Separate your egg white from the yolk into a Boston glass. If your egg white clings to the yolk, your egg is fresh and your foam and drink texture will be perfect.
3. Add the remaining ingredients, attach your tin to the glass and shake vigorously without ice.
4. Then, add ice to the tin and shake again.
5. Empty your glass and fill 3 quarters with fresh ice.
6. Double strain your drink into the glass.
7. You should have about an inch of space left in the glass.
8. Top with soda water until almost overflowing.
9. Add 2 straws and garnish with a kaffir lime leaf.
10. The resulting drink should have a nice frothy top and a long, balanced finish.

Kaffir Syrup

250g Sugar
125ml water
7 to 8 kaffir lime leaves
pinch of salt

1. Combine the sugar and water in a pot and heat until the sugar melts.
2. Add the kaffir leaves with a pinch of salt and bring to the boil to infuse.
3. Take off the heat and leave to infuse further for a while, the longer the better.
4. Kaffir lime leaves are found in the frozen section of any Asian market. They’re inexpensive and defrost quickly!

Diep Cocktail



Diep Le Shaker4Diep le Shaker continues to be one of Dublin’s finest award winning Thai restaurants and is one of the very few second generation family restaurants in the capital. Open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner with live music on Friday and Saturday nights… Sip your weekend party nights away at Diep Le Shaker on Pembroke Lane in Dublin 2.


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