Get Your Cheese On at Ireland’s First Ever Toastie Festival

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

There are certain foods we love in Ireland, that we love to call our own and one of these is the delicious toasted sandwich, usually laden with ham and cheese that is just full of comfort and goodness. So you can understand how we jumped for joy that this November Ireland’s first ever Toastie Festival takes place to honour the delicious sambo.

A firm favourite of the nation, toasties will be in abundance as The Harbour Bar in Bray brings together the classic ham and cheese combination for many tasty happy endings.

Ireland's First Ever Toastie Festival

Conor Linney, one of the two gents behind the festival, spoke to Dermot & Dave on Today FM to discuss what kind of toasties guests can devour at what is also the world’s first Toastie Festival.

“There is only four ingredients: ham, cheese, onion and tomato, and [you can get] any variation of that. We’re going to go down the road of the fancy foodie [toasties].

“There’s a good food chain in Bray and lots of great chefs. In the last couple of years there’s been an explosion of restaurants and food. So together with all of these guys from other pubs and other restaurants, they’re all putting together sandwiches and together we’re going to have awards.”

Linney also revealed that the festival will award one Gold Toastie Award. The two-day celebration will honour the classics but also these more adventurous variations created by Bray’s finest eateries.

“Everyone is raising the game, and everyone has their own secret of what the cheese mix is, and if they put egg on the outside. It might only be a toastie, but to get it right, to get it perfect there’s a lot that goes into it.”

Not only can visitors indulge themselves in the delicious melted sambo, there are also perfect pints to go alongside them including Wicklow Wolf, that’s actually used to braise The Harbour Bar’s ham.

With roaring fires, ensure to make your way to Bray this Friday, November 3rd to Sunday November 5th to enjoy after your Cliff Walk well-earned pint or the classic Irish pot of tea.

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