Three Unexpected Wines to Surprise your Taste buds and your Guests this Weekend

Three Unexpected Wines for the Weekend to Surprise your Taste buds and your Guests

Time flies and December seems to accelerate as we get close to the last little door in our advent calendars. The rushing, the shopping, the office Christmas party and the upped social life are all fun, but it is also lovely to take a moment to simply relax, sit back and enjoy a glass of wine in good company.

On this occasion, I’m choosing three wines for the weekend that are a little bit different but wonderful. I like to think of them as opening a surprise present and finding out it was something I didn’t know I love.


Three Unexpected Wines to Surprise your Tastebuds and your Guests this WeekendOliver Zeter Spätburgunder 2013

13.5% ABV

€21.99 – Available at Donnybrook Fair

This German Pinot Noir comes from Pfalz, a region where the finicky variety thrives. It has low tannins and a gorgeous combination of ripe strawberries, juicy cherries and violets. A subtle hint of sweet spice and a foresty earthiness make it go from lovely to interesting too.

Lean and restrained, it feels silky on the palate where it lingers gracefully long after sipping.


Three Unexpected Wines to Surprise your Tastebuds and your Guests this WeekendTrerose Vin Santo di Montepulciano
15.5% ABV
€26.95 – Available at Little Italy

This nutty and and intense sweet Italian wine is perfect to end the evening on a dolce note. Aromas of marmalade and rum and raisins take over, with praline, honey, toasted hazelnuts and dried apricots following shortly after.

Complex and velvety, it’s best enjoyed the traditional Italian way, along with cantuccini (the almond biscuit often called biscotti). The guys from Little Italy also offer a gift set (€34.50) with the wine and a large bag of Sapori Cantuccini.


Three Unexpected Wines to Surprise your Tastebuds and your Guests this WeekendCave de Lugny Crémant de Bourgogne
12.5% ABV
€17.95 (on offer from 20.95) – Available at O’Briens Wine

If your heart says Champagne but your pocket says Prosecco, your mind should do the right thing and remember Crémant. This sparkling wine, made from Chardonnay and with the same method as the queen of fizz (and not too far from its region), is very lively, with an explosion of tiny cheerful bubbles marching through your palate and playing notes of lemon sorbet, green apple and peach.

Great aperitif and a wonderful one to keep in the fridge in case of impromptu entertaining.


Gaby ProfileGabriela’s passion for writing is only matched by her love for food and wine. Journalist, confectioner and sommelier, she fell in love with Ireland years ago and moved from Venezuela to Dublin in 2014.

Since then, she has written about and worked in the local food scene, and she’s determined to discover and share the different traditions, flavours and places that have led Irish food and drink to fascinate her.

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