Three Crowd-Pleasing Wines with Personality to Make Everyone Cheer this Weekend

wines for Christmas 2017

Wine is as varied as people’s preferences, however, when you have a mixed group and on top of that, an assortment of dishes with many different flavours, choosing a bottle that makes everyone happy can feel like a high stakes negotiation. It’s not too different to the art of choosing the right music and just like in that department, you have three options:

a) Choosing what you like and make everyone in the house endure the obscure corners of your Spotify list (or that really funky natural wine you love).

b) Playing ultra-generic pop or some non-invasive instrumental music (or serving that nondescript Pinot Grigio you know you can count on when in doubt).

c) Creating a playlist (or finding one of the many awesome ones prepared by experts) that has the right balance between popular tunes, easy listening, classics and a little personal touch.

Here are three wines for Christmas which I feel correspond with option “C”. Not too obscure, not too generic, and with plenty of character and taste!


brimoncourt roseBrimoncourt Brut Rosé

12.5% ABV

€55 – Available at La Touche Wines, Lotts & Co, Hole in the Wall, Donnybrook Fair, The Corkscrew, Listons Gourmet Shop, Kelleys Wines, The Wine Library

The spirit animal of this Champagne house is the Giraffe, a social creature who never drinks alone. This cheerful and bright ethos is translated into fizz.

This rosé bubbly is filled with fresh raspberries and lemon verbena notes. A pleasant floral character completes the puzzle.

It’ll be a great aperitif or companion to cheeses or dessert (strawberries and cream, anyone?).


Vaglio AggieVaglio Aggie

12% ABV

€14.5 (on offer from €18.95) – Available at O’Briens Wine

If Argentinian Malbec is pop, winemaker José Lovaglio is an indie artist doing things a little bit differently. After travelling different parts of Argentina, California and China, he has taken inspiration for a range of wines from which this delightful Valle de Uco Malbec is one of the highlights.

It’s rich and generous, with a pleasant combination of black fruit (think ripe, juicy blackberries), dark chocolate and a touch of black pepper and toast. Full body, with an acidity to match its mighty ABV and moderate tannins.


Valminor AlbarinoValmiñor Albariño

12.5% ABV

€16.00 – Available at Baggot Street Wines, Martin’s Off Licence, McHugh’s

This award-winning white wine from Rias Baixas is the wine equivalent to one of those tunes that make everyone sing along cheerfully. Light, approachable and incredibly catchy, it’s a song with notes of lemons, green melon and juicy nectarines.

Crisp and with a mineral touch, it’s a beautiful duet along seafood, and a versatile treat that will go well with poultry, veggies or just as an aperitif!


Gaby ProfileGabriela’s passion for writing is only matched by her love for food and wine. Journalist, confectioner and sommelier, she fell in love with Ireland years ago and moved from Venezuela to Dublin in 2014.

Since then, she has written about and worked in the local food scene, and she’s determined to discover and share the different traditions, flavours and places that have led Irish food and drink to fascinate her.

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