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Thoughts on International Women’s Day with Karen Burke – Operations Director at Dublin City Brewing Co.

Karen Burke, Operations Director at Dublin City Brewing Co. kindly took some time out to share her thoughts with us on International Women’s Day. Prior to joining Dublin City Brewing Co, Karen was Operations Director for Hard Rock Cafe and has a wealth of international experience with a proven record of success in the hospitality industry right across Europe.

With an extensive background managing intricate operational programs to achieve strategic objectives within a fast-paced arena, Karen is also passionate about customer service, brand reputation and quality. Using her experience in international brands, Karen has been heavily involved in the rebranding of the company and product/brand guidelines.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

I have been lucky enough through most of my career to work for, and with men who treated me as an equal, but I know that was the exception not the rule. International Women’s Day is an important day to highlight the extraordinary capabilities of women and the many success stories that should inspire younger generations to know that they can achieve great things.

What progress have you seen on gender equality within your field?

My career has been in hospitality for over 30 years and there has been a marked increase in the number of women in hospitality leadership roles over that time.

Has any particular Women’s empowerment moment inspired you?

In the words of U.N. Women, ‘Kamala Harris has broken through a glass ceiling for women with her election as Vice President of the United States’.

How can women better enable each other instead of compete? What needs to change in your opinion?

I have always believed that knowledge is power and being part of a team that works cohesively to achieve the desired goal – when women view each other as resources and a support mechanism so much more can be achieved. Share information, listen to each other, know when you are being advised to change your strategy for the better. If you are not the leader, be a great and supportive follower.

What do you think helped you get so far in your career? How can we mentor young girls to dream bigger?

I fell in love with making people happy and when you love what you do and have great leaders who encourage you to reach your potential, you can achieve anything. Young girls these days have great role models and there should be more exposure for them to these women, to ultimately help them find the career that will make them happy and where they will want to achieve great things.

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