This Skinny Rosé Champagne Has all the Elegance and a Fraction of the Calories

This Skinny Rose Champagne Has all the Elegance and a Fraction of the Calories feat

Few things are more enjoyable than a glass of Champagne, perhaps two glasses of it. If you want to sip on the world’s favourite bubbles without overloading the calorie count, zero dossage Champagne is the way to go. This means the bubbly has no added sugar for the second fermentation (other types of Champagne such as Demi-Sec and Brut have different allowed quantities of added sugar).

Skinny Rose Champagne was created by Champagne Tribaut with this in mind, offering wine lovers a product that has only 275 calories per bottle, yet doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality. It’s made from grapes harvested from Premier Cru appellations, and as stated on its description, it’s “made in the same village where Dom Perignon invented Champagne.”

There are approximately 46 calories in a glass, yet the Champagne retains the normal alcoholic levels for the type of wine, at 12%. To give some perspective, a normal glass of still wine can easily double this amount, and there could be even more calories in a glass of certain sweet wines than in a whole bottle of Skinny Rose Champagne.

Its taste is described as having “wonderful red berry flavours – strawberry, raspberry and red cherry.”

Skinny Rosé Champagne is priced at £42 (€47) and it’s available online in the UK at and in Dubai Duty Free Airport.

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