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Share on linkedin Producer’s Row Spotlight With Taste Of Dublin: Michelle Wilson Of Crawfords Rock Seaweed is delighted to team up with Taste of Dublin for Producer’s Row once again this year, shining a spotlight on fantastic Irish produce and the passionate people behind it all.

Michelle Wilson Of Crawfords Rock Seaweed

“I have always had a love of great food and flavours. I am a traditional cook, but I do love to season with Seaweed Salts and Seasonings enhancing culinary dishes and adding extra nutritional value to them. 

My background is in Healthcare, but I have studied Naturopathic Medicine and Herbal Mastery and believe that for every disease in life there is a cure in nature. 

My inspiration for my business is,  in a world where food has become nutrients depleted by adding a pinch of seaweed we can add lots of vitamins and minerals and improve our overall health and well-being.  

My husband’s family have held kelp rights on the shore for 300 years and have always harvested seaweeds especially the Shoulk (Nori). Great Grandfather boiled this for many hours seasoned it with salt and pepper and served on home baked gridle farls.  

We feel that there was a gap in the market and that our small Artisan company is Bang on TREND with Seaweed . Our range is diverse and we will have a seaweed Seasoning to match even the fussiest of tastes. 

After a lengthy career 25 years in the NHS I setup Crawfords Rock to guide me gently into my retirement years but the company has been successful and is Multi Award winning and we are currently stocking high end Butchers and Deli’s

Crawfords Rocks ingredients come from the shores of the Co.Down Coast were we wild Harvest a profile of seaweeds the main component and base ingredient that we use seaweeds like dulse,Kelp,shoulk,Bladderwrack, Serrated wrack, pepper dulse,sea spagetti, sea truffle.

Seaweed has many core benefits from a great source of iodine to a complex range of vitamins and minerals it really is great for the body. Lots of studies show improved well-being, and carrageen moss is making a huge comeback in the fitness market for young people who care about their health.

Social media is important to the company and is a great way to spread news and information about up and coming events and its on this channel that we market our Experience Wild and Free Savour the Sea’s, a Tide to Table Taste Tour. 

We have been very fortunate to date as we have had some celebratory chefs cooking with our Salts and Seasonings like Brian McDermott, Suzie Lee , Paula McIntyre.  Just this year at the Curragh at the Butchers Expo the winning chef has taken 3 of our Seasonings to season his meat at the Culinary Olympics that will be held later this year in Germany.  

It has been a busy year for us as we were invited to No 10 Downing Street to showcase and meet the Prime Minister. 

A lot of Vegans like to use our Seaweed and a dish that has been popular is Roasted Cauliflower with the Co Down Coastal Seasoning.  It is hoped this year that as we continue to GROW our business we  will bring out a seasoning for all the Counties in Ulster. We are currently working on a Co Derry Salt called  Everything Derry ,(currently being developed)  and a Co Armagh Seasonings with a salt smoked over Apple Cider to represent the Orchard County. 

To date I see my business as a success story especially for an older woman in business who has had a NHS career and drew down on a pension. I think that it’s never to late to start a business, to grow a business, to change career paths, you just need to have a love and passion and to work at your own self determined pace . Life is not a race we are all going the one way on this journey. For me I would hope that my grand daughter would like to continue in some shape or form with our family tradition of gathering Seaweeds.”

Taste of Dublin 2024

Dublin’s legendary culinary festival, Taste of Dublin 2024, in association with international home furnishing retailer, JYSK, returns for 2024 from Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th June in its new location, the historic Merrion Square. It is expected that more than 34,000 visitors will attend the iconic food and cultural four-day event., Ireland’s largest food, drink and travel website and community, committed to championing Irish artisan producers, giving a platform to up and coming producers and the best Irish brands is delighted to team up with Taste of Dublin for Producer’s Row once again this year, shining a spotlight on fantastic Irish produce and the passionate people behind it all.

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