There’s a New Pink Gin in Town – Beefeater Pink Is a Millennial’s Dream Tipple

beefeater pink gin

Gin has taken over the bar and with its vertiginous growth, an increasing thirst for variation has driven innovation and the expansion of the category. Pink gin has become one of the hottest styles and now one of the world’s best selling brands, Beefeater, has announced its newest and rosiest expression.

Beefeater, the 4th bestselling gin for 2017 according to The Spirits Business, has announced it will launch a pink gin this April. Pernod Ricard, the group behind this popular brand, unveiled the new bottle, which will be released across several markets between March and April.

beefeater pink ginAccording to Master Distiller Desmond Payne MBE, Beefeater Pink’s recipe took months to perfect. He told The Drinks Business: “We’re not the first out with a pink gin, but we were determined to get it right. Things move on and are cyclical and we need to be looking at new idea.”

The gin is coloured and flavoured with natural strawberries and the recipe takes inspiration on the distillery’s pharmacist founder, James Borrough, who created a series of flavoured drinks including a raspberry gin and a cherry brandy.

Beefeater Pink was launched by Pernod Ricards newly formed The Gin Hub, which brings together the group’s gin brands including this one as well as Plymouth and Seagram’s.

Sophie Gallois, Managing Director of The Gin Hub pointed out that pink gin has “huge potential to tap into”, and she mentioned that just in Spain, 40% of the total value growth for gin comes from pink gin.

As for serving suggestions, prepare for more pink G&Ts as well as Pink Daiquiri, and Tom Collins.

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