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The World’s Best Restaurants and How to Make a Holiday Out of Visiting Them by OROKO Travel

OROKO Travel have listed just some of the world’s best restaurants that are absolutely worth making the trip for

Organising an entire holiday around a single restaurant reservation may in theory seem absurd, but we know that for foodies like us, an evening of truly unforgettable dining can be the highlight of any travel adventure. In the words of the late Anthony Bourdain, “Food is everything we are. It’s an extension of nationalist feeling…your province, your region…It’s inseparable.” 

Great food lets you get to the heart of a destination; from the wondrous and wacky to elevated elegance, each experience and dish is unique and has something different to teach us. It’s a collaboration between teams of people passionate about displaying their inventions, their ideas, and showcasing the absolute best of their country on a plate. 

That is why the team at OROKO Travel, Ireland’s leading luxury tailored travel company, are sharing three ways to incorporate world-famous dining into your luxury holiday itinerary. For more culinary inspiration, take a look at the selection of luxury culinary holidays that OROKO has to offer.  

Experience one of the most famous restaurants in the world while on holiday

world's best restaurants oroko travel

Perhaps the most famous restaurant on the entire globe, El Cellar de Can Roca has not once but twice been awarded number one by The World’s 50 Best organisation, ascending this Spanish venue in Girona to legendary status.

Born out of a family restaurant and ran by an impressively talented triad of brothers, unity and heritage is at the centre of everything Cellar de Can Roca does. Joan, the eldest, fills the role of head chef, the middle brother, Josep, is a top sommelier and youngest of the three, Jordi, breaks moulds with his sweet creations that enchant and amaze. Their mother, Montserrat Fontané, still cooks staff meals to this day. 

Authenticity, boldness, and generosity define the ethos, with a three-Michelin starred kitchen that expertly balances tradition with innovation. Frozen and formed ice cream has hung from olive trees, guests have dined on tiny mushroom bonbons hidden in moss, and a single oyster has been sliced and served in five different ways. 

world's best restaurants oroko travel

For the Roca brothers, cooking is their way of life, as Joan puts it, its “the language we use to tell stories.” While the restaurant and its offerings are ever evolving, one thing that remains is El Cellar de Can Roca’s artistic and fantastical approach to dining, an approach, grounded in family, that delights both the eyes and palette. It transports the senses to faraway lands, whilst never cutting ties with its Catalan roots.

While arguably worth the visit to Spain’s Catalonia region on its own, OROKO know a reservation at El Cellar de Can Roca can inspire a luxury holiday that extends the wonders of your plate. Rugged clifftops hang over sparkling waters as breathtaking plazas and historic monuments dot cities like Barcelona, rich both in culture and beauty. Combine culinary highlights as you experience an exclusive tailor-made masterclass with Chef Pilar Latorre in her 18th-century Masia, or venture outside the culinary arts to immerse in the world of surrealism as you step through the labyrinthine home of Salvador Dali in Portlligat.

Peru; culinary wonder to natural wonder

Earning more rankings in the world’s best 50 restaurants than any other city, it should be no surprise that the Peruvian capital of Lima and its awarded venues land on our list. ‘The City of the Kings,’ this culinary hotspot on the country’s Pacific Coast is a bustling metropolis that leaves its cultural and historical heritage intact, where colonial vestiges enclose upscale neighbourhoods and luxury accommodation. 

An amalgamation of cultures, Lima’s buzzing food scene is no exception. Maido is one restaurant that exhibits this perfectly. In his marriage of Peruvian produce and Japanese technique, chef Tsumura brings his cultural backgrounds to the forefront in expert harmony. Twisted ropes hang from the ceiling, quail eggs are injected with ponzu, and the 50-hour slow cooked beef short rib needs only a spoon to carve it. Offerings are determined by the season, and the 10-14 course tasting menu vows creativity as its main ingredient.

world's best restaurants oroko travel

Lima is also home to the astounding Central Restaurant, crowned as the world’s best of 2023, where diners are taken on a journey through 15 different Peruvian ecosystems; from 15 metres under the Pacific Ocean to 4,200 metres up in the Andes. Obscurities like piranha feature alongside ingredient staples of corn and potato in an incredible display that reflects both the nation’s rich biodiversity and chef Virgilio Martínez’s dedication to his craft.

With your senses set alight, why not continue the excitement by exploring the depths of one of South America’s most enthralling destinations. On an OROKO-tailored luxury holiday to Peru, indulge in privately guided tours that broaden the unforgettable gastronomy through learning Peruvian cooking techniques that last a lifetime, and sampling classic dishes like ceviche in their country of origin. A short flight will ignite a departure into the mighty Amazon, where blue and yellow macaws flock the skies and giant river otters live along the riverbanks, the perfect conclusion to an unbelievable holiday.

Culinary and coastal highlights of Mexico: from Michelin to marketplace


world's best restaurants oroko travel

Mexico is a gastronomic hotspot that offers outstanding plates at every level, from Michelin right through to marketplace. Humble ingredients are transformed into meals packed full of flavour, ready to set your senses alight.

A new entry to this year’s top 50 restaurants and one of this country’s finest venues is Rosetta. Led by Elena Reygadas, voted best female chef in the world, there is a strong devotion to Mexican sensibility and a respect for indigenous cooking methods. Rosetta’s interpretations of mole recipes and tamales are distinct but not ostentatious, with Reygadas taking time to reflect on the traditions that shape Mexican ingredients; “We try to be pure and respect the ingredients as much as possible”, questioning where they grow, why they grow there and why they are used in specific ways. The result are plates that allow guests to forge a deeper connection between their food, culture and the environment.

world's best restaurants oroko travel

Get under the skin of Mexican gastronomy as you combine a contemporary dining experience at Rosetta with an in-depth exploration of the country’s day-to-day food scenes. On explorations of Puebla, Oaxaca and the Pacific Coast, you’ll eat like a local on guided tours of vibrant markets, sample regional delicacies and enjoy lunch as a guest in a family home.

If you’re ready to make one of these inspirations a holiday reality, visit or call the team on 01 2600 240. Your dedicated travel specialist will tailor a luxury holiday completely bespoke to you. Every gastronomic aspect will be covered, from reserving tables at world-famous restaurants to arranging private tours with expert guides, introducing you to the makers who tirelessly continue ancestral traditions to produce marvellous delicacies. Welcome to the world of inspirational travel. 

The World’s Best Restaurants and How to Make a Holiday Out of Visiting Them by OROKO Travel

OROKO is Ireland’s only dedicated luxury tailored travel business. A team of luxury travel agents passionate about the world who create experiential, personalised luxury holidays from Ireland. Having travelled far and wide to discover the world’s culinary hotspots, OROKO will tailor gastronomic experiences all over the world, from the food markets of Lisbon and Porto to the neon-lit streets of Tokyo and Osaka.

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