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Winter table
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The Winter Table: Euro-Toques Ireland’s Chefs and Producers Come Together To Raise Awareness On Local Produce

For the months of December and through January, some of Ireland’s most exciting chefs and producers will come together to raise awareness of Ireland’s winter bounty through The Winter Table, with several activities highlighting and promoting the work of Euro-Toques Ireland by offering menus based on seasonal Irish produce and using the community platforms to talk about their favourite winter products.  

To celebrate the Winter Table Euro-Toques will draw attention to some of the best produce Ireland has to offer, shining a light on social responsibility with a focus on increasing biodiversity and the conservation of traditions and heritage, provenance, seasonality, and the journey of the produce from farm, woodlands, shores to plate. 

Winter table

Hosted by Euro-Toques Ireland, a member-based community of chefs, cooks and producers who pride themselves on being the custodians of Irish food heritage, the online campaign will see participating members, young chefs and producers promote the best of the winter bounty,  with a series of activities and dining experiences around the island of Ireland, where chefs celebrate Ireland’s winter bounty including, wild game such as venison, rabbit, hare, pigeon, pheasant, snipe, duck, mallard, partridge, woodcock but also freshwater fish (i.e. pike, eel, trout), herring, oysters, mussels, clams, crab, sea herbs and vegetables (i.e. seaweed), products from the woodlands, including mushrooms, sea buckthorn, sloes, rosehips, wild herbs, nuts as well as winter roots and greens.  

Watch out for hashtag #WinterTable on the community’s platforms @eurotoques_ireland on Instagram and @eurotoquesirl on Twitter to find out what produce is readily available in Ireland this winter and stay up to date with recipes, produce, special menus, tips and know-how from chefs and producers alike.  

Winter table

As with the recent Food Awards 2023, Euro-Toques particularly wishes to highlight the work of small artisan producers in general, ending the year with a focus on some of the campaigns supported throughout the seasons, namely mussel farms and regenerative aquaculture; honey producers and beekeepers; producers of forgotten meats; our rich bounty of yoghurts and ice-creams; makers of craft drinks based on apples such as cider, brandy and wines; and our innovative vinegar makers.  

As part of the campaign, member chefs working in cafés, pubs, bistros, and restaurants will offer either a special or a full menu experience showcasing Ireland’s winter bounty. A listing of some of the participating chefs and producers is available below. The listing will be updated online as the campaign kicks off.  

All Euro-Toques members and the wider public are encouraged to join in the online conversation using the hashtags: #WinterTable #WinterBounty #Chefsmeetproducers 

Winter table
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