The Irish Whiskey App – Launching March 17th

Launching on St. Patrick’s Day for iPhone, this is the first ever mobile app dedicated entirely to the world of Irish Whiskey. In the coming weeks the app will also be available for Android phones.

Once the most popular spirit in the world, Irish whiskey is experiencing a revival fueled by innovation, expertise and heritage. A new breed of distillers, bonders and blenders is emerging. Fabled and once thought to be lost brands and recipes are reappearing. The Irish Whiskey App was created to spread the incredible experiences and stories of Irish whiskey, old and new with audiences all around the world. 

The Discover feature of the app is reminiscent of the App Store itself, with trending whiskeys, brand of the week and more. With curated content that is refreshed daily, even the most passionate Irish whiskey fans are sure to find interesting bottlings, brands and distilleries. 

The app launches with a catalog numbering hundreds of whiskeys with more being added each day. The level of information available is unparalleled for Irish whiskey, with everything from the types of wooden casks used in the whiskey’s production, the flavours you can expect and educational content about how whiskey is made. Users can rate whiskeys, add their own tasting notes and even keep track of their own collections and wishlists through the app. One of the slickest features is the bottle scanner which gives users the ability to point their phone at a bottle and get immediate information and ratings about it.

With a level of depth that seems endless, the Irish Whiskey App delivers digital experiences for some of what makes Irish whiskey the greatest spirit in the world!

  • Facts, stories and insights into the fascinating history of the whiskeys, brands and distilleries. All the way through the app you will find tappable content that gives you even deeper insights.
  • Tasting with others! The app allows users to see how their palate compares with the official tasting notes of a whiskey and the entire Irish Whiskey App community, with instant feedback on the tastes that a user chooses. 

Having shared the journey of the app’s development openly on social media for the last number of months, the developers Barrel Proof Limited, have been thrilled with the response and excitement from the Irish whiskey community. Over 300 people signed up to participate in a limited beta trial of the app in January and February, with the feedback overwhelmingly positive. 

  • “I think Irish whiskey has needed a home like this for a long time to tell its story and allow fans to keep on top of the many new releases and newly opened distilleries that are a part of the resurrection of Irish Whiskey. Pulled together in an easy to manage, easy to use and easy to explore way.”
  • “A whiskey app like this has been a long time coming and I’m loving it so far!”

Developed by a small group of whiskey enthusiasts from Dublin, amongst them the founders of Redwind Software, one of Ireland’s original mobile app success stories, everything about this app feels high end and premium. From the Vivino-esque bottle scanner, to the in depth tasting notes, the Irish Whiskey App will appeal to Irish whiskey aficionados as well as newcomers to the category or those with just a passing curiosity.

“We felt that Irish whiskey deserved it’s own dedicated app. There is so much to learn and love about the category, it’s history and it’s future. We are excited and honoured to get to work with so many amazing distillers and brands and be a part of sharing their stories with the world. ” said Conor Winders from Barrel Proof Limited.

Co-founder David McMahon added, “with Irish whiskey going through a renaissance at the moment, we wanted to bring the joy of whiskey tasting and appreciation to an even wider audience, making it more accessible for beginners while also catering to the experts.”

For more information or material, including advance access to the Irish Whiskey app, contact us at or through our website 

Download the Irish Whiskey App for free from the Apple App Store from March 17th:

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