The Eggstatistics are Eggstraordinary! Discover Irish Egg Eating Preferences the World Egg Day
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The Eggstatistics are Eggstraordinary! Discover Irish Egg Eating Preferences the World Egg Day

Irish people are eggcited about eggs: 88% eat them every week however, when it comes to cooking them well, most people are not precisely eggcellent, as shown by research conducted by free range egg producer Golden Irish. The research, published to celebrate World Egg Day on October 14th, points out that only 44% know the time it takes to cook the perfect soft boiled egg (3 minutes), with men (47%) faring better than women (41%) when it comes to getting cracking in the kitchen.

The research, commissioned by the second-generation, family-owned egg business, also showed what’s the most popular way to cook eggs in Irish homes: 27% prefer the traditional boiled egg, while scrambled eggs are a close second with 23%, followed by fried and poached tied third with 16% each. Runny eggs were the most popular, with 62% of respondents preferring their boiled or poached eggs soft in the middle.

On a nostalgic nod, 23% admitted to eat their eggs with ‘soldiers’ and 19% said that they still mash their boiled eggs up in cup, like children often do.

Regarding seasoning, simplicity ruled, with a simple pinch of salt at the top spot in the condiment preferences, as voted for by almost a third (31%) of respondents, while black pepper (17%) just beats butter (13%) for second place in the national research.

The most popular time to enjoy eggs is at the beginning of the day, with breakfast being the meal most likely to include them, according to 54% of people. Brunch was only chosen by 10% of respondents. And speaking of brunch, over half of those surveyed (58%) don’t know the difference between brunch menu staples “Eggs Benedict” and “Eggs Florentine” with 62% admitting that they don’t know what Mexican favourite, “huevos rancheros”, are.

Brian Eivers, Sales Director of Golden Irish said, “We’ve been celebrating World Egg Day in our home of happy free range hens in Co. Monaghan for over 40 years and this year we’re egging on the nation to join us. This research shows that the whole country is as crazy about eggs as we are with 54% saying they love eggs and simply couldn’t live without them.”

For those interested in having the crack this World Egg Day (October 14th), you can find lots of tips, brand new recipes and egg-inspiration on and using the hashtag #WorldEggDay.