The Chef Supper Club Brings Home Michelin Stars – Spend an Evening with Michelin Stardom as The Chef Supper Club Introduces Cinematic Dining to Ireland

There is something about eating a meal in a restaurant that you can’t recreate at home, the ambience, the unrivalled wine list, and the service. This September, the restaurant will be arriving at your doorstep. The Chef Supper Club pairs quality ingredients with high-production virtual experiences to recreate the atmosphere and thrill of luxury dining without ever leaving your home. Each kit arrives within 24 hours of each event, or can be collected directly from The Chef Supper Club in Blackrock.

The Chef Supper Club is redefining the way we experience and appreciate food. The virtual events debut in September 2021 promising to be a paramount taste experience unlike any other. Each menu will be designed and curated by Ireland’s (and Europe’s) top chefs, featuring a blended model of live interaction and hands-on culinary action to take you through the origin, creation, and inspirations behind your favourite dishes. Diners are invited to choose from three experiences; ‘Bring the Restaurant Home’, ‘From Scratch’ and ‘Potions’ where you will learn and interact with the experts. The best dining experiences have often been described as theatrical, while The Chef Supper Club promises to be cinematic.

Chefs taking part will include Ciaran Sweeney, Grainne O’Keefe, Mike Tweedie, Killian Crowley, Enda McEvoy, Ahmet Dede, Haleigh Whelan, Aishling Moore, with Sommelier, Cathryn Bell.

Michelin Star chef and co-founder of The Chef Supper Club, Damien Grey said: “We want to deliver a Michelin star experience but also want to be able to have the opportunity to showcase the most creative people working in food and beverage today – If this describes you then we want to bring your vision to a completely new audience.”

First experience on offer from early July is ‘Bring the Restaurant Home’, each ‘Bring the Restaurant Home’ kit will have the option of unique wine pairings selected by sommelier Cathryn Bell (Wine Rover). Diners are also welcome to choose other beverages from an extensive wine list curated by Cathryn herself on The Chef Supper Club website. (more detail below).

While you are enjoying each of your five courses of the exclusive Tasting Menu, you can sit back and enjoy documentary shorts giving you an insight into the food that you are about to eat, the provenance of the ingredients, the story behind each dish. The whole evening’s entertainment will be available to purchasers live on a set night but also on demand if they can’t make the live experience. 

These one-night-only dining experiences start from €120 for a five course tasting menu for two; curated by the experts and brought to life by you at home. This is a unique evening of entertainment that combines the excitement of amazing food and wine, with a rare opportunity to know the mind behind your meal in an intimate way.

However The Chef Supper Club isn’t just about dining at home, it offers a wide range of other culinary experiences including;

From Scratch – Multi-episode experiences with a guided live tutorial on the creation of dishes ‘From Scratch’. If you want to learn how to make the ultimate sourdough, become an expert saucier, create desserts worthy of the patisserie, become a braai (barbecue) master or learn to really use your sous vide then these are for you.

Potions – From wine and beer appreciation courses to cocktail pairings, this is where you go to learn all about the most important accompaniment to your meal, the drinks. The Chef Supper Club will also be introducing a wide range of non-alcoholic offerings that everyone can learn to make.

The first four ‘Bring the Restaurant Home’ experiences are every fortnight starting with;

  • Saturday 11th September – Ciaran Sweeney – The former Head Chef at Forest & Marcy, Dublin will be showcasing his menu live from the kitchen in the Olde Glen Bar & Restaurant in Glen village, Carrigart, Donegal, where Ciaran is now Head Chef, (on sale now).
  • Sunday 26th September – Grainne O’Keefe – Revisit your childhood with a front-row seat in Grainne’s new restaurant, ‘Mae’ in Dublin. This unique Sunday lunch menu is inspired by the tastes and flavours she remembers from her childhood visits to her grandparents in Leitrim, (on sale now).
  • Saturday 9th October – Mike Tweedie will bring the taste of the West to Dublin with a live demonstration from Liath in Blackrock for one night only. His menu will contain the best of his local suppliers as well some of his own ‘go to favourites’ (on sale Monday August 9th).
  • Saturday 23rd October – Killian Crowley – Killian is based in Sonas, Luxembourg and his food ethos can be summed up as “SONAS” which is Irish for “Happiness”. Killian will be there for people that want to learn, refine and develop new skills, sharing all of the culinary wisdom he gathered on his travels. ( on sale Monday August 23rd).

Experiences are available to purchase NOW and can be securely booked from The Chef Supper Club website using the Tock booking engine, Tock is one of the best ways to discover and book the best of food and drink worldwide. If you wish to pre-register on Tock ahead of the sales you can log on at    

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