The Butcher Grill Hosts The Beef World Cup

The Butcher Grill

In 2016, Ranelagh will be the scene of a different kind of culinary World Cup. On the first Wednesday of the month, The Butcher Grill will be hosting a monthly series of very special, one-of-a-kind beef tastings. Head Chef Atish Bhuruth has pitted select countries with their different breeds, climates, feeding and farming methods against each other. And guess who is the judge? You!

Of course, the goal is not to prove one beef, breed or country better than another, but to compare and contrast the flavours and characteristics of the final product. We want to educate and learn by creating a dialogue and providing aplatform for steak enthusiasts to experience some of the best beef from around the world. Most importantly, have fun and eat great steak!

The evening will consist of a full meal with starters, sides and desserts. The Main courses will consist of cuts of both choices of beef, and a reception drink and glass of selected red or white wine are included with meal. Tickets are €69 per person and the event begins at 7pm.

The first three rounds are scheduled as follows:

Round 1 – March 2: Ireland vs U.S.A.
Irish: Hereford
– Grass fed
– Dry ageing adds exceptional tenderness, depths of flavour and texture to the meat

American: Black Angus

– Grain fed
– USDA certified.
– Black Angus
– Corn-based feed ration produces well-marbled, tender beef

Round 2 – April 6: Spain vs Hungary

Spain: Galician
– Grass fed
– Mature Galician beef comes from retired dairy cows between 8 and 15 years of age
– Higher fat content and higher marbling, even more than American beef, gives them a unique flavour

Hungary: Holstein
– Grass fed
– Holstein cattle are most often recognised by their white coats with black patches
– Holsteins are large and mature animals

Round 3 – May 4: Ireland vs Australia

Irish: Hereford
– Grass fed
– Dry ageing adds exceptional tenderness, depths of flavour and texture to the meat

Australian: Black Angus
– Grain fed
– Black Angus
– Grass and grain feed ration produces well-marbled, tender beef


Tickets can be purchased in house, by phone on 01-498-1805, or on Eventbrite.

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