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The Blind Pig, Dublin 2 - Bar Review
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The Rumors were True… The Blind Pig, Dublin 2 – Bar Review

Being born and bred in Dublin, I tend to pride myself on a familiarity with the city, one that has been developed over many years of rambling the its hidden alleys and backstreets. Seldom are the times when a friend suggests a bar or restaurant that I have not darkened the doorway of at least once.

However, for a number of years now, I have heard stirrings from groups of tourists about a secret bar with no known address. Some say that it’s location changes from week to week. Others suggest that entrants must follow a trail of clues to discover the bar’s location.


For a long time I paid no heed to the murmurs, dismissing them as the ramblings of misinformed tourists. However it is with both humility and great pleasure that I must inform now that the rumours are in fact true!

Operating in the fashion of a true 1920s speakeasy, The Blind Pig has existed in one form or another for the last five years. It’s true that the location has changed frequently as at one point it operated solely as a pop-up bar. It’s also true that guests have been directed to hidden doors down secret alleys in order to gain entrance at one time or another.

Once guests have been lucky enough to locate the windowless cavern setting, they will need to familiarise themselves with the house rules before choosing from a monthly rotating list of cocktail specials. Many of these rules are the basic practising of patience and good manners but they do include a couple of drinks that should ‘not’ be requested. Though as the rules go on to suggest, all of this is done with a tongue firmly in cheek.

The drinks here are classic in nature but with modern twists. The more conservative types will be happy to see the inclusion of a Knockout Old Fashioned on a the menu but what may also intrigue is the American Trilogy made with bourbon, tobacco liqueur, bitters and a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale syrup.

For the more adventurous sorts there is the option to go ‘off list’ with a whole wealth and variety of exceptional drinks to quench even the most experimental of minds. The ‘Popcorn Gimlet’ is a drink that deserves particular praise. The inebriac equivalence of devouring a bucket of popcorn.

The bar itself is the brainchild of award-winning bartender, Paul Lambert. If you get a chance to speak to the man himself his enthusiasm and passion for the idea are both clear and in abundance. With an incredible knowledge of all things alcoholic, Paul is not only a cocktail virtuoso, but also an absolute gentleman to boot.

The Blind Pig, Dublin 2 - Bar Review

The Blind Pig operates on reservation only as to be expected given the hidden nature of the location. If you’re looking to pay a visit on a weekend night, be sure to book well in advance, as the place is known to be booked out for two months.

Whether you are looking to impress a date, excite some friends or simply just satisfy your own curiosity, The Blind Pig speak easy as a must for any tourist or true blue-blood Dub.


T: (01) 565 4700
E: reservations@


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