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Food Lovers by OROKO Travel
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The Best Destinations for Food Lovers by OROKO Travel


The team at OROKO Travel, Ireland’s leading tailored travel experts, have searched the globe to find the most vibrant cities and landscapes to feature as part of their culinary holiday collection for food lovers. Destinations that live and breathe food, the OROKO travel specialists have tailored suggested luxury holidays marked by mouth-watering eats as stunning as the scenery. 

From the delicate creations of Japan to the fiery plates of Mexico, keep reading to discover some of the best suggested holidays for foodies. For more information, visit the dedicated OROKO Culinary Holidays page. As tailored travel specialists, each holiday will be unique, curated to suit the needs and preferences of the holidaymaker. 

Food Lovers’ Road Trip through Spain

Food Lovers by OROKO Travel

The mountainous Basque Country, an autonomous community on the border of France and Spain is an excellent destination for lovers of unique dining and gastronomic culture. Start your road trip in the culinary hub of San Sebastián, where Michelin-starred restaurants sit alongside golden sands and sapphire waters. Alongside your OROKO guide, experience the best pintxos bars in the city. 

Cider houses (sagardotegi) are a feature of the hills. These charming venues are only open for a few months of the year and visitors can enjoy traditional plates like tortilla de bacalao (cod omelette) accompanied by txakoli (Basque cider) served straight from the barrel. Cider house visits are a must-experience for those looking to encounter authentic Basque Country.

Food Lovers by OROKO Travel

Lovers of wine can journey to La Rioja. This celebrated region bordering the Basque Country is set in the breathtaking Ebro River Valley and houses over 500 wineries.  Delight in world-renowned wine after taking part in a host of the region’s activities, from hot-air ballooning to horseback riding. 

Culinary Highlights of Sorrento and Amalfi

Food Lovers by OROKO Travel

Characterised by its fragrant lemon groves, cliffside vineyards and quaint fishing villages, the Amalfi Coast is quintessentially Italian. With a rich cuisine that pays homage to the generations before it, the Amalfi Coast allows explorers to experience authentic Italian cuisine against the backdrop of world famous views. Standout dishes from the area include melanzane al cioccolato, an unusual but delightful dessert that combines layers of chocolate with peak-season eggplant, and spaghetti alla Nerano, a pasta dish featuring fried courgettes and provolone.

OROKO will arrange unique experiences including a guided tour of the local citrus orchards and dairy farms by Ferrari, where sunny afternoons are spent making fresh mozzarella, exploring lemon groves and sampling zesty limoncello. In the evenings, dine on scenic sea view terraces and dine on sensational Italian cuisine. 

Portugal for Food Lovers

Food Lovers by OROKO Travel

Lush valleys and rugged coasts encompass Portugal, a charming country that has fast become a leader in gourmet excellence and establishing its rightful spot on our list. A combined tailored holiday to Lisbon, Porto and the Douro Valley is the best way to immerse yourself in the heart of Portugal’s vibrant culture of wine and cuisine. 

A stroll through any food market in the country’s capital of Lisbon is bound to lead to a pastéis de nata, a crisp, slightly salted pastry filled to the brim with a silky spiced custard. This Portuguese classic dates back over three centuries and serves as the perfect accompaniment to a morning coffee. 

Food Lovers by OROKO Travel

In the mood for something a little more savoury? We recommend trying bacalhau (salted cod). Another Portuguese staple food, it is the most popular base ingredient of its cuisine, with supposedly 365 different dishes to mark each day of the year.

Next, visit the beautiful coastal city of Porto. The port wine capital of Portugal is dotted with historic landmarks, bakeries and chocolateries, making it the perfect addition to any luxury holiday to Portugal. End in rolling hills of the picturesque Douro Valley, where decadent picnics and wine tastings define your stay. 

Culinary & Coastal Highlights of Mexico

Food Lovers by OROKO Travel

Mexican gastronomy is a treasure trove of flavour. With limitless culinary offerings destined to excite the palette, historic Puebla is home to some of the country’s best dishes. For first-time visitors, mole poblano is a must-try. This indulgently thick chilli and chocolate sauce can be served over meat or roasted vegetables and encompasses upwards of twenty ingredients, from charred avocado leaves to indigenous peanuts. Typically, the result is rich, bittersweet, and multi-layered, providing a truly unique gastronomic experience. 

Make the most out of your holiday with a luxury stay in Oaxaca, Mexico’s culinary capital and a food-lover’s dream. Indulge in regional delicacies like tlayudas, a pizza-type dish loaded with re-fried beans and Oaxacan cheese and garnachas istmeñas; bite-sized delights made from fried corn tortillas topped with shredded meat, pickled vegetables, and salsa. After a culinary adventure – including a private cooking class with a local chef – retire to the shores of Puerto Escondido for a relaxing beachside stay.

From Seoul to Tokyo by Rail

Food Lovers by OROKO Travel

South Korean cuisine is known for its dynamic flavour, so it’s no surprise that it makes our list. Adventure through the lively streets of Seoul’s food markets and discover a wealth of culinary marvels. Sample the likes of mandu (Korean dumplings) or warming tteokbokki, an addicting blend of simmered, chewy rice cakes enrobed in a signature bright red, spicy broth.

No trip to South Korea would be complete without a taste of authentic kimchi. This table stable composed of salted and fermented vegetables is bursting with umami and has been enjoyed for over two millennia. 

Continue your luxury culinary holiday in Japan, starting in Sapporo. OROKO will tailor experiences depending on your preferences. Perhaps you would enjoy a kimono workshop, or maybe a ramen masterclass. From city lights to the peaceful countryside, transfer to Lake Shikotsu to experience a traditional ryokan stay. A traditional Japanese inn, it is the best place to enjoy the natural spring onsen of Japan and of course, the magnificent kaiseki dining experience. 

Discover Hakodate before finishing in the bright lights of Japan’s futuristic capital, Tokyo, home to more Michelin stars than any other city in the world. From the precision of hand-rolled sushi to endearing wagashi (Japanese sweets) like ningyo-yaki (small, molded castella cakes filled with sweet red bean paste), it’s no wonder foodies flock here year after year.

Food Lovers by OROKO Travel

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The Best Destinations for Food Lovers by OROKO Travel

OROKO is Ireland’s only dedicated luxury tailored travel business. A team of luxury travel agents passionate about the world who create experiential, personalised luxury holidays from Ireland. Having travelled far and wide to discover the world’s culinary hotspots, OROKO will tailor gastronomic experiences all over the world, from the food markets of Lisbon and Porto to the neon-lit streets of Tokyo and Osaka.

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