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Spark Your Culinary Creativity – The Benefits of Cooking With Gas at Home

The kitchen should be the heart of the home – warm, inviting and full of life. It should be a place for creating and enjoying delicious meals and making memories.

If you love nothing more than being in the kitchen cooking up a storm for your family and friends, there are plenty of reasons to consider getting on board with Gas Networks Ireland.

On TV3’s The Restaurant we have seen how natural gas can up every amateur cook’s game, turning well known faces into master chefs for a night, so Gas Networks Ireland was a natural choice as sponsor for the popular show.

Cooking with gas hobs has numerous benefits over using electric ones, primarily the fact that a gas burner will take seconds to come up to the perfect temperature. With the flick of a switch, you can get dinner off to a flying start, cooking things like stir-frys and steaks in minutes with the high heat they need for best results, instantly.

Gas hobs also ensure even heat distribution throughout your pans, so you’ll never have to worry about burning half your dish while the other half remains undercooked! This kind of guaranteed precision takes the guess work out of cooking and if you are a keen dessert maker is particularly useful – batches of burned caramel will be a thing of the past.

With an open flame at your fingertips, charring things like aubergines for authentic baba ghanoush, red peppers for dips and soups becomes simple and immediately expands your kitchen repertoire. When it comes to making classic sauces with whiskey or cognac, having a gas hob means you can burn off the alcohol instantly, just like professional chefs do.

As well as making you a better home cook on the more practical side of things, switching to natural gas can also lower your bills as it can be up to 50% cheaper to cook with gas compared to an electric oven and hob meaning you can save while you serve up delicious dishes.

With the increasingly unpredictable weather here in Ireland, the prospect of power outages is something to seriously consider. Gas offers a reliable cooking source and is unaffected by electricity outages meaning you can cook your way through any storm.

In fact, environmental factors should weigh in to your decision on switching to natural gas, as it is cleaner fuel. You can reduce your household’s carbon footprint by utilising gas, as Carbon Dioxide emissions attributable to the use of gas are 40-55% lower than other fossil fuels. Believe it or not, switching from electricity to gas is the equivalent of taking a car off the road for a year in terms of emissions!

Finally, gas ovens and hobs come in an array of stylish settings and make for a real focal point in a beautifully designed kitchen.

For more information on switching to gas with Gas Networks Ireland visit