Ten of the Best Gin and Tonics in Ireland | Best Gin and Tonic Dublin
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Ginspired: 10 of the Best Gin & Tonics in Ireland

In a world of cocktails with ingredients lists that read like a vegan’s grocery shopping basket, the Gin and Tonic shines like a beacon of elegance. Its straightforward recipe regales its drinker with the balanced botanical wonders of a well kept garden and its brief recipe ensures that holders of the right ingredients can put together a proper one without much difficulty. The steps to mix a fine G&T were exalted in Philip Larkin’s poem Sympathy in White Major:

When I drop four cubes of ice
Chimingly in a glass, and add
Three goes of gin, a lemon slice,
And let a ten-ounce tonic void
In foaming gulps until it smothers
Everything else up to the edge,
I lift the lot in private pledge…”

Ginspired already? While not all of us reach literary ginious after a clear, aromatic G&T, we can all awe at the delightful taste of a well mixed drink. We have selected 10 of the best Gin and Tonic cocktails you can order in Ireland so join us on the quest and toast to this classic.


This award-wining bar has one of the best gin menus in the country. It was recognised last year as the purveyor of Ireland’s Best Gin and Tonic and it features more than 50 different gins including, of course, Irish craft, as well as British, Spanish, German, American and more.

Where: 7 John’s Ave, Waterford

More information: davymacs.ie


A neighbourhood gastropub with an extensive gin menu and a charming upstairs area just ideal to indulge in a carefully crafted G&T. Their Gin and Tonic menu has 15 variations, and includes many of the main Irish craft gins as well as a few global favourites.

Where: 56/57 Lower Clanbrassil Street, Dublin 8

More information: 57theheadline.com


This eclectic restaurant has plenty of exciting gins by the bar. Their gin cocktail list is ample and seekers of the classic Gin and Tonic won’t be disappointed. Their G&T sharing tray offers an interactive and original way to enjoy the drink at your own pace, but if you want life made easier, you can chose a refreshing globe glass mix to perfection.

Where: 13 Merrion Row, Dublin 2

More information: marcels.ie


Donegal’s stunning lakeshore hotel and restaurant has an inviting bar where you can experience scenic views while sipping on fine mixes. Their gin selection will please discerning drinkers and their superb service will make your gin and tonic experience unforgettable.

Where: Tawnyvorgal, Donegal Town, Co. Donegal

More information: harveyspoint.com


You can’t get away with a name like Gin Palace without pouring a mean G&T. From the classic, to a quirky serve with fresh seaweed and Mediterranean tonic, it has a combination for every palate. The proudly describe themselves as the bar with Dublin’s largest selection of gins and with 180 different bottles, we’re yet to see a challenger.

Where: louisfitzgerald.com/ginpalace

More information: 42 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1, Co. Dublin


Occupying two Georgian houses on Leeson Street, this bar is pure classic charm. Whether you prefer their lively terrace or cosy interiors, you’ll find yourself surrounded by elegance and spoiled for choice when it comes to gins. Take your time and browse their over 60 alternatives, then ask their skillful bartenders to mix a G&T that suits your fancy.

Where: 27 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2

More information: housedublin.ie

More information: 42 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1, Co. Dublin


The stylish Gin & Champagne bar within The Ross Hotel, Killarney, offers a glamorous surroundings and fabulous cocktails and bubbly to match. Their gin selection surpasses the 50 bottles and they also have a large variety of tonics to match. Their comprehensive menu includes helpful tips on which gins are best enjoyed with tonic so have a look and find the right one for you!

Where: The Ross, Town Centre, Killarney.

More information: theross.ie/pink-lounge


Fun fact, the bar was supposed to be named Brock Lane, but got its new name after a sign painter accidentally wrote an “i” instead of the “o”. Brick or Brock, it features tasty pub food and pizzas and it serves some innovative Gin and Tonics such as summer fruit, gin and cherry blossom tonic.

Where: 1-3 South Main Street, Cork.

More information: bricklane.ie


This city centre favourite is as trendy as the vibrant street that names it. Have a crisp, glossy Gin & Tonic (or two) on their walled garden on a sunny day (it’s heated, so if it gets cold, no worries!), or chill indoors and stay for dinner. You can either share a charcuterie tray or pick from their tempting a la carte, to accompany your sipping.

Where: Drury Street, Dublin 2

More information: drurybuildings.com


This recently opened addition to Galway’s lively Latin Quarter is named after Nora Barnacle, the wife and muse of James Joyce. Classic, elegant decor serves as the stage for almost a hundred different gins as well as a wide tonic selection. This intimate bar is adjoined to The Front Door Pub and is a must-visit for gin lovers in the City of Tribes.

Where: 23 High St, Galway

More information: tighnoragalway.com


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Since then, she has written about and worked in the local food scene, and she’s determined to discover and share the different traditions, flavours and places that have led Irish food and drink to fascinate her.

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