Plans on the Agenda for Temple Bar to Get “Major Decluttering” Makeover

Temple Bar to Get Makeover

Dublin City Council has announced plans to give Temple Bar a makeover. The revamping was described as a “major decluttering exercise” aiming to “create a quality public realm integrated with the wider city.” In view of the area’s unprecedented pedestrian activity, the refurbishment will include the removal of obstacles such as bins, signs and steps as the square “is to be extended as a single surface across the adjoining streets of Temple Bar, Crown Alley and Fownes Street to the adjoining buildings.”

This will increase the size of the square to almost double its current area, making it more suitable for public activities such as concerts, festivals, exhibitions and other cultural events.

Temple Bar to Get Makeover

While DCC states on the plan’s description that it was developed in collaboration with residents, business owners and stakeholders, some venues have expressed concern about the limitations regarding outdoor furniture as many bars and restaurants might see a reduction in the amount of chairs and tables they can serve outside.

The redevelopment plans also include the removal of sandwich boards and of the podium in the middle of the square. The measures are expected to notably improve the accessibility of the area.

If the project gets the go ahead, work on the revamping is expected to begin in 2018.

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