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Temperance Tea Cocktail Recipe From The 101 Limerick

The story of tea begins in China. According to legend, in 2737 BC, the Chinese emperor Shen Nung was sitting beneath a tree while his servant boiled drinking water, when some leaves from the tree blew into the water. … The tree was a Camellia sinensis and the resulting drink was what we now call tea.

Ireland could argue easily that it is the land of “Tea Drinkers”. After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the land. Most of us will only drink it with milk and sugar, but there are so many varieties out there it will make your head spin. Because of its versatility and amazing flavour, you could use it everywhere, cold drinks, cocktails, syrups, desserts, sauces, shakes and so on.

That is why at 101 Limerick has created unique twist of the fabulously Irish favourite. “Temperance Tea” from the Creations Menu was designed by Rosline Priestly, a senior mixologist at 101 Limerick.

The drink itself was inspired by the magic of New Orleans. Light and herbaceous in flavour with notes of orange and cherry. 

Temperance Tea 

The Ingredients:

35ml Southern Comfort

15 Green Chartruese

10 napoleon mandarin

5 cherry syrup

20 Lemon

50ml orange and rooibus tea

2 tonic bitters

The Method:

It’s very simple really, add all ingredients to the shaker, shake with cubed ice and fine strain into a porcelain tea cup. Garnished with grated Nutmeg and edible flowers. Enjoy!

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