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Temaki Hand Roll Sushi Recipe by Fiona Uyema

Temaki Hand Roll Sushi Recipe by Fiona Uyema

This is sushi recipe one of the most basic types and takes little time to prepare. If you’re a novice to sushi making I’d recommend you start with this cone-shaped roll, as it will help build your confidence with the slightly more complicated rolls.

Serves 4


For the sushi meshi (sushi rice)
– 2 cups Japanese rice uncooked (using a measured rice cup this weighs 320g)
– 100ml Japanese rice vinegar
– 2 tbsp sugar
– ½ tsp salt

For the temaki
– 200g goatsbridge smoked trout, chopped into small pieces
– 2 ripened avocados, cut into small cubes (drizzled in lemon juice to avoid browning)
– 200g cream cheese
– 4 nori sheets, halved
– 2 handfuls of lamb’s lettuce, washed and dried
–  Goatsbridge trout caviar or mixed sesame seeds to garnish


Make the sushi meshi (sushi rice)

1. Combine the rice vinegar and sugar in a non-aluminium saucepan and dissolve over a medium heat for a few minutes (avoid boiling). Stir in the salt, take off the heat and allow to cool.
2. To season the rice, transfer the hot cooked rice to a shallow pyrex dish with a flat base. Sprinkle the cooled sushi vinegar evenly over the rice and use a rice spatula to fold and turn the rice covering each grain in the sushi vinegar. Do this gently and take care not to break the rice grains. Use a fan or a piece of cardboard to fan the rice to cool it to room temperature as quickly as possible and absorb the excess sushi vinegar.
3. If you’re not using the sushi rice immediately then cover it with a damp cloth and store in a cool place (avoid putting it in the fridge as this will harden the rice and ideally sushi rice should be served at room temperature).

Temaki Hand Roll Sushi Recipe by Fiona Uyema

Make the temaki
1. Mix the smoked trout, avocado cubes and cream cheese in a bowl together. Set aside.
2. To halve a nori sheet, place it in front of you with the lines running vertically. Hold the top of the nori sheet and fold it in half. Gently press on the sheet and then it should easily pull apart into two halves.

3. Lay half a sheet of nori shiny-side down. Place the water bowl and damp cloth nearby. Put a heaped tablespoon (60g) of sushi rice on the left side of the nori sheet. Use moistened fingertips (using the water bowl) to spread the rice evenly over nearly half of the nori sheet. Use the water bowl and damp cloth to remove rice from your fingers.
4. Place a few lettuce leaves at a 45 degree angle on the rice. Then carefully place some of the smoked trout mix on top of the lettuce (try not to overload with ingredients as this will make it difficult to roll).
5. Carefully roll the temaki by folding the bottom left corner of the nori towards the top right corner of the rice. Continue to fold and place a few grains of cooked rice on the final corner of the nori to complete and hold the fold.
6. Fill the temaki with another spoonful of the smoked trout mix. Garnish with a spoonful of caviar or mixed sesame seeds. Make seven more temaki rolls in the same way.



Fiona UyemaFiona Uyema spent three years in Japan, where she learned about Japanese food. She has appeared on TV and featured in many publications, including the Irish Independent, The Irish Times, EasyFood magazine, FOOD&WINE and the RTÉ Guide. In her cookbook ‘Japanese Food Made Easy’ Fiona shares her love of Japanese cooking, known for its health benefits and carefully balanced flavours. Using local ingredients where possible, she demonstrates how easy it is to cook Japanese food at home without spending hours preparing complicated dishes.

Fiona Uyema Fiona Uyema


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