Food Ink. 3D Printing Pop Up Restaurant
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Taste Tomorrow Today at London’s 3D Printing Pop-Up Restaurant

Last month London’s first naked pop-up restaurant made headlines across the globe. Still running, The Bunyadi is designed aimed to strip away all the “trappings of modern life” to get people back to nature, and that means means no phones, no electricity, hand carved furniture, preservative free food, and of course, no clothing.

However far from getting back to basics the next attention grabbing London pop-up is looking to the future. Food Ink. is branding itself as the world’s first 3D printing restaurant. The pop-up which claims to be “the most futuristic gourmet dining experience in the Universe” has already had a successful opening in Venlo, the Netherlands this April, and will open in London from July 25-27th.

Bringing together architects, artists, chefs, designers, Food Ink. promises to allow London to ‘Taste Tomorrow Today’ by serving fine cuisine inspired by art, philosophy and tomorrow’s technologies.

The restaurant utilizes 3D printers produced by Dutch company byFlow to create dishes that can be take the form of a paste. But far from baby food, the menu will include dishes like hummus, chocolate mousse, smashed peas, goat cheese and pizza dough. The paste can is fed through the 3D printer create ‘culinary sculptures’.

Food Ink.’s mission is to explore the intersection between dining and technology-enhanced user experience, and hopes to inspire conversation about the future of sustainable food, nutrition, and health as well as demonstrate how emerging technologies may be changing our dietary and cultural habits.

Who knows, perhaps soon when you are feeling peckish you will look to the printer rather than the fridge.