A Pop of Colour in Dublin’s City Centre – Tang Abbey Street Review

It can sometimes be difficult to find a new and exciting place to eat, especially when you feel like you’ve worked your way through the majority of cafés in your vicinity.

But luckily, Dublin is pretty much bursting at the seems with new café openings, the majority of which offer a selection of vibrant and nutritious food.

A fan of a somewhat healthy outing, one place that had caught my eye from the window of the Luas line was Tang on Abbey Street.

This is the second opening for Tang, the original having its home on Dawson Street. The Abbey Street venue is ideal for a lunch or coffee stop mid shopping or indeed, before you begin your commute.

When I visited the eatery, which had only just launched its brunch menu the previous weekend, I was instantly struck by the cool vibe within.

With wooden benches, beautiful floral arrangements and a colourful selection of Middle Eastern-inspired food, this was exactly my kind of place.

Celebrating the birthday of my colleague Sinead, we perused the menu on the overhanging boards and almost struggled to decide what to get.

Feeling more ravenous than usual, I went for the Homemade Flatbread which is served with a choice of Moroccan Lamb, Middle Eastern Chicken or Lebanese Beans.

The colourful dish was filled with beetroot hummus, beans, gherkins, carrots, rocket and it was just packed with flavour.

Gone are the days of a simple ham and cheese sandwich. Instead, this vibrant and healthy flatbread (which was folded into a burrito for convenience) was bursting with delicious goodness.

It really is the perfect lunch for someone who wants something tasty, but not altogether unhealthy. With the likes of Boojum also on Abbey Street, this is a fantastic alternative for a comforting and filling burrito.

Across the table, Sinead was digging into quite a substantial salad. With Moroccan spiced lamb, tenderstem broccoli, scallions and sweet potato, this salad certainly wasn’t lacking in flavour.

And as we were feeling particularly healthy that day, we decided to sip a few glasses of refreshing mint water – talk about getting that January health kick!

We also couldn’t resist a coffee pick-me-up to get us through the day and, with a great selection of milks available, we decided on an oat milk latte and oat milk flat white respectively.

Supplied by Upside Coffee Roasters, that cup of coffee really hit the spot and prepped me for the rest of the day. Had we not had such a filling lunch, I’m sure we could have been tempted for a sweet treat.

As I sipped the rest of my coffee, I couldn’t help but feel relaxed. I loved the decor, from the white washed walls and wooden benches and jars of beautiful flowers, it was exactly my kind of place.

Lunch for two people in Tang Abbey Street with two cups of coffee came to €23.25.


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