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Swap Sugary Spritzes for a Refreshing Twist with John Ross The Pioneer

Summer time is fast approaching, as are leisurely picnics, sunny evening get-togethers and al fresco devilment. We’re all fans of the classic summer Spritz, but as much as I love sipping one in the sun, I personally crave something sweet and bubbly but with a little less sugar. Enter John Ross The Pioneer Non-Alcoholic Gin.

This innovative non-alcoholic spirit delivers a lip-smackingly bitter flavour profile that’s somewhat reminiscent of the iconic Italian bitter orange liqueur we all know and love– but with a twist. It contains zero grams of sugar thanks to its natural botanical ingredients, and the addition of honeybush tannin contributes to a distinctive aroma and beautiful tangerine colour. Lime adds acidity and citrus notes making this a well rounded, flavourful drop.

I am blue in the face from raving about it as a fantastic non-alcoholic option for designated drivers, mamas-to-be, the sober curious, or indeed anyone looking to make a (still boozy) summer spritz without the extra sweetness, like my good self.

I can confirm: John Ross The Pioneer is delicious served up in several ways and we experimented with a couple of different serves to find our favourites.

Summer Spritz

If, like me, you are a fiend for a Spritz but not the sugar crash afterwards, combine 50-75ml of John Ross with a bone dry sparkling wine like extra brut rosé Cava Muscandia, which I picked up from Carrington Wine Merchants. It is a fabulous choice for sparkling wine lovers, sugar conscious or not, and it is available at Clontarf Wines and Leonard’s in Trim.

For an entirely alcohol-free Spritz alternative, try a generous shot of The Pioneer with a top up of the rather lovely Noughty (pick it up in Avoca) or Hollow Leg Sparkling Albarino (now available in Dunnes, Brown Thomas and on

For both options, add a splash of soda water and garnish with a slice of orange, for the perfect lower-sugar, low, or no alcohol summer refresher.

Non-Alcoholic G&T

If a good old G&T is more your taste, John Ross is a standout for crafting a non-alc version worth drinking on the flavour-front. The floral notes of honeybush, rose, lavender, angelica root, with herbaceous coriander and juniper provide a more robust and complex alternative to gin. Pour it over plenty of ice and top with your favourite tonic. Add some dried orange slices for an uber glam and low sugar mocktail.

Moscow Mule

Amp up the flavour with ginger beer and soda, like they do in FX Buckley Monkstown for their John Ross Pioneer Spritz, finished with fresh lime. For a practically zero sugar and gut friendly option brimming with flavour, try it with King of Kefir Lemongrass and Ginger, available in Fresh stores and Lotts and Co.

Where to Find It

With refreshing taste, zero sugar, and enticing botanicals, John Ross The Pioneer could well become your new summertime staple. You can purchase John Ross The Pioneer Non-Alcoholic Gin from several Irish retailers including Mitchell and Son Wine Merchants, from €26.95.

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