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Sushi Fillings and Topping Ideas To Elevate Your Homemade Sushi

If you’re taking up the task of making homemade sushi and want to take it up a notch, here are some delicious sushi fillings and toppings to add to your sushi rolls by Kelly Choi from Kelly Loves! We’ve got a guide on how to make your own homemade sushi too, find it here.


For delicious, melt-in-your-mouth sushi, you’ve got to try adding avocado. It’s tasty on its own, with cucumbers in a vegan roll, or paired with smoked salmon for sushi that’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Avocado has a great taste and texture that pairs well with almost any ingredient.

Spring onions 

Spring onions are an excellent palate cleanser and could be the ideal addition to your next sushi dish. They add some freshness and tang to the otherwise subtle flavours. This is a great way to balance out the flavours, making sure that one doesn’t take over.

Cream cheese 

Cream cheese in sushi is truly a match made in heaven. Yes, it might not be the most traditional sushi ingredient, but it’s certainly a good one! It adds some rich, creamy indulgence to your sushi and complements smoked salmon wonderfully. 

Sushi At Home


For those that can’t stand uncooked fish or fancy trying something a bit different, prawns are a wonderful filling in sushi. Nigiri prawn sushi is extremely popular, featuring a ball of cooked rice with a butterflied prawn sitting on top. Or mix prawns with mayonnaise as a filling for a sushi roll.

Thin slices of fish 

What better way to finish your beautiful roll of sushi than with a delectable thin slice of fish? This indulgent topping adds some richness to your sushi and is a popular finishing touch. Thin slices of tuna and salmon are commonly placed on top of sushi rice to make a tempting bite.


Masago is capelin roe (fish eggs). And capelin is a small fish found in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. It often tops sushi as a pile or else the sushi is rolled in eggs to coat the outside of the rice. Masago is usually a dull yellow colour, but is dyed brighter orange when on sushi. It has a mild flavour, but adds a nice texture to your rolls. 

Crunchy onion  

Texture is so important when creating your perfect sushi dish, which is why onion is such a popular topping. Fried crunchy onion adds the most satisfying crunch when you bite into the sushi. Paired with a sweet and salty flavour, it’s a truly inspired topping. 

Sushi At Home

Pickled ginger 

Want to add some extra flavour to your sushi? Then pickled ginger is the perfect topping. Sushi ginger creates a wonderfully warming edge to your sushi that awakens your taste buds without overpowering the other flavours of the sushi. It’s also a great palate cleanser between different types of sushi.

Soy sauce 

Sushi soy sauce is packed with umami flavour that perfectly seasons all kinds of sushi. You can sprinkle a little sauce on top and have it on the side as a dipping sauce for sushi. The salty and savoury tang contrasts nicely with delicate fish and rice. 

Wasabi paste 

Some like it hot and if you’re one of those people, then wasabi paste is your dream sushi topping. The authentic Japanese condiment is made from the wasabi plant. It marries herbal, fresh flavours with warming heat, adding some excitement to your next plate of sushi.

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