Sushi Donuts are Taking Instagram by Storm

sushi donuts

Like all good food trends, sushi donuts have taken over Instagram and quickly made their way onto many people’s must try list. But what are these technicolur creations and how can you have one in your life?

People who struggle with the concept of intermingling sweet and intensely savoury food will be pleased to hear that sushi donuts do not involve topping a fried dough ring with raw fish. And unlike past crazes such as cronuts and Japanese water cake, you can easily whip this one up at home.

sushi donuts

Instagram’s purveyor of crazy donuts SoBeautifullyRaw explains the simple process so you can get working on your very own batch. Simply press cold sushi rice into an oiled ring donut pan, flip and release and get to decorating your masterpiece with all your sushi stalwarts.

Frosting? A slick of wasabi or mayo would do the trick, then top with all your favourite sushi fillings, salmon, crab, tuna sashimi, the options are endless. Finish with some nori flakes, furikake seasoning, avocado and pickled ginger and enjoy your sushi donut victory.

Once you master this basic version you can move on to filled sushi donuts, which as Wholefoods demonstrates are slightly more complex but look completely crave-worthy. A feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds, time to invest in a donut pan!

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