A Stylish Chinese Airline Have Taken Their Uniforms to the Next Level

Chinese Airline

A Chinese airline has taken their flight attendant uniforms to a whole new stylish level.

Collaborating with designer Laurence Xu, Hainan Airlines has created a new, high-fashion look that is sure to be the envy of every other airline around the world.

The stylish collection was launched at Paris Couture Week on July 4th, and takes its inspiration from a traditional Chinese dress called a Cheongsam.

While inspired by traditional Chinese fashion, the looks have also been given a modern twist with tailored coats and capes and beret-style hats.

Chinese Airline

Xu wanted to combine “classical, time-honoured Oriental aesthetics and the silhouette of a modern Western suit.”

Brand director of Hainan Airlines, Xu Fei, said: “We are not only creating a new uniform but also showing the internationalised image of our arline.”

He added: “Especially on international routes, we would like to let passengers know that China is modern and trendy.”

These wonderful uniforms definitely harken back to the traditionally glamorous nature of air travel.

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