The World’s Strongest Beer Makes Tequila Look Tame

The World's Strongest Beer Makes Tequila Look Tame

The alcoholic strength of beer is quite variable and most palates will be familiar with light session ales and summery lagers on the lower end and perhaps with rich double IPA that might dare to have a two-digit ABV, but in general, very rare is the beer that out-boozes wine.

Scottish brewery Brewmaster makes a very powerful exception and probably the strongest beer in the world: their appropriately named Snake Venom, which not only beats other beers by a landslide and surpasses the strongest wine, but which at 67% ABV, leaves behind spirits such as vodka, rum or whiskey, which surround the 40% ABV mark.

It even outdoes Brewmaster’s previous record holder, which boats an insane ABV of 65% itself.

Whether this brew is still a beer or has entered hard liquor territory is debatable, and the fact that it’s too high in alcohol to be carbonated points more towards the spirits realm, however, it has been crafted to preserve the flavours of beer.

Just FYI, there’s no actual snake venom on it, however, it will bite your wallet at it’s priced around £59.99 (€66.55).

Brewmaster’s spokespersons have explained that the world’s strongest beer was the product of experimentation and that it’s not meant to be drunk as regular beer but more like a whiskey or a brandy, slowly and in small measures.

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